New 5.11 Side Kick Rescue Tool Neck Knife

New 5.11 Side Kick Cop Tool Rescue Knife
New Cop Tool Neck Knife from 5.11!

The almost organic shape of the 5.11 Side Kick means that it fits in your hand like it belongs there. The shape is very similar to the popular cop tool by Boker, featuring a chisel shaped tip at a right angle to the primary edge for scraping, levering, and chiseling. It also features a seat belt cutter, an oxygen key, and a half serrated primary edge, making it ready for any task. The finger hole allows for a better grip, which makes it extremely easy to get out of the sheath in a hurry, despite the strong hold of the sheath itself. It also allows for better control of the blade, putting the hand further forward without any risk of the hand slipping onto the sharp edge. This is especially important in emergency situations, where the slightest increase in control can be the difference between cutting a seat belt, and cutting into the person beneath the seat belt.

This is the perfect tool for emergency responders to have on hand, and a great tool in general for any knife lover.

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