Spyderco’s All Time Greatest Hits

Spyderco has become famous for their precise edge geometries and for their instantly recognizable leaf-shaped blades with trademarked Round Hole Opener, an elegant solution for a one hand opening blade, allowing left or right handed use without the need for protruding thumb studs.

They have some of the most hardcore of knife fans out there and for good reason. They aren’t afraid of taking risks. The way they pulled together emerging elements in their early years such as synthetic handles, pocket clips, and one hand opening blades and merged everything together really changed the landscape of the knife industry in ways that can still be seen today.

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Spyderco UK Pen Knives Leaf Blades, Various Colors, $38.95

Spyderco UK Pen Knives Leaf Blades
Spyderco UK Pen Knives Leaf Blades, Made in the USA Various Colors, $38.95
The Spyderco UK Penknife series is one of the coolest things going right now in the knife industry! These slip-joint-ie, non-locking –folders from Spyderco Knives have all the function of your typical one hand opener, except they will not get you in trouble for having a lockblade. Blade length on the latest release-the leaf series-is just under 3 inches and is shaped like the tried and true Delica blade. These are great every-day-carry knives, made in the USA, and available at the KnifeCenter for only $38.95!
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