Introducing the Columbia River Delegate

Columbia River Delegate Pocketknife
Introducing the Columbia River Delegate

Usually, assisted opening knives go for the cool tactical look. They are designed to snap open and scare away any potential attackers. But the same design also scares the average civilian. The Delegate from Columbia River is an assisted knife that won’t scare the neighbors, or the maître d’ at that nice French restaurant you like to go to. The sleek and simple design when closed is attractive, and the drop point blade is utilitarian and non-threatening. The handles feature either cocobolo wood scales for the black blade model, or white bone scales for the satin blade model, which really add to the classy quality that this knife has going for it.

However, the Delegate isn’t just about looks. Despite its non-threatening appearance, the blade is razor sharp, and the assisted open action snaps the blade open with authority.

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New Swiss Army Knife by Mike Horn

Mike Horn Designed Wenger Swiss Army Knife
New Mike Horn Designed Wenger Swiss Army Knife!

Mike Horn is the guy you want designing a Swiss Army Knife. Why? Because he lives the kind of life that puts gear to the test. Mike leads the Pangaea Expedition, a four year round the world trip full of adventure and education. So he went to Wenger and told them what he wanted in a knife, and they built him a prototype. After a few years of refinements – such as making the handle out of an easily renewable wood composite – the knife is ready for you to depend on… just as he does.

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Boker Gentleman’s Folder from Solingen Germany

Boker Gentleman's Folder from Solingen Germany
Boker Gentleman’s Folder from Solingen Germany
German quality has been the Hallmark of Boker’s selection of knives for many years. We greet this new entry with high expectations. The Gentleman’s Folder is a medium sized folder with a 2-3/4″ blade that is flat ground 154CM super stainless steel. These are classy liner locking folders.
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