This week on Warehouse Hunts we’re taking a look at a few selections from Tops Knives. Tops is a fantastic brand for fixed blade knives, designed by and for military and law enforcement personnel and made right here in the USA.

First up we’ve got the CAT 200. CAT in this instance is an acronym for Covert Anti-Terrorism, so this rugged little guy boasts an intentionally low profile. We’re looking at a 3.25” drop-point blade, manufactured from 1095 carbon steel, and a four inch G10 handle. Overall hand feel is very nice, just the right amount of grip without any uncomfortable hotspots.

Moving on, let’s take a look at the Black Eagle Strike Team Hunter’s Point. This blade was specifically designed for a specialized commando unit that can deploy to any environment, so this is going to be the top pick for your clandestine evening shadow ops. Here we have a solid 7” blade made from 5160 carbon steel, with a 6.25” cutting edge. Handle is black canvas Micarta. This one’s got some really nice wide jimping and a great big choil, which leaves you feeling very secure handling the knife.

Next up we’ve got the Steel Eagle 107C, a fixture in field-work for over 14 years. This knife also features a 7” blade, this time a drop-point made from the same 1095 carbon steel as the CAT. Up on top it’s sporting this jagged sawback spine that’s going to let you do some really aggressive cutting. The black linen Micarta handle has nicely curved, ergonomic shape to it. That combined with the more aggressive jimping and distinct choil are going to give you really nice control.

Finally, Tops’ output isn’t limited strictly to knives, they also offer tools like this ATAX 4.25” hand axe. This thing was designed with an absurd level of functionality in mind, you can obviously use it as an axe, or as a skinner, a field level, a wire cutter, and more. It’s got so many different uses it comes with a video to explain them all to you. Blade is again the 1095 carbon steel, with a black linen Micarta handle, and just as comfortable to hold as the other items we’ve looked at.

Each of these products comes with a Kydex or nylon sheath, depending on the model. Overall, Tops Knives offer rugged, dependable tools designed to stand up in the most hostile of environments. To learn more about these products, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit