This week on Warehouse Hunts we do things a little differently and field-test how a few of our various throwers fare in the hands of a beginner. We tried out two varieties from United Cutlery, the Black Ronin Triple Bolt Throwers and a Gil Hibben Small Competition Thrower Set, as well as the Pro-Flight Sport from Cold Steel.

The Black Ronin Triple Bolt throwers by United Cutlery were the smallest and sharpest of the throwers we tested today. They’re 6.5″ long, feel nice and light in the hand, and really sail when you let them go. These ones had a little bit of a learning curve to them, but after taking some time to find a technique we were able to stick them fairly regularly.

The United Cutlery Gil Hibben Hall of Fame throwers proved to be the most difficult for us to master as beginners. No points for guessing that these knives were designed by Gil Hibben, who is a master knife maker and avid knife thrower. He literally wrote the book on knife throwing. Despite having a great ergonomic shape and terrific balance, these ones were definitely the hardest to stick.

The Cold Steel Pro-Flight were by far the easiest for our novices to get the hang of. Coming in at a solid 14″ and weighing about 11 ounces, these suckers were big, bad, and reliable. The best thing about them is that they’re balanced to stick when released from either the handle or blade. Once you get an initial feel for their weight it’s not too difficult to have success with the Pro-Flight.

We had a lot of fun trying out this small selection of throwers from the site. To see the whole selection available, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit