The Spyderco Equilibrium is actually a re-design of a previous Spyderco product, the Balance, which – hard to believe – was even smaller than the current rendition.

The blade is one-point-seven-three inches long with a one-and-a-quarter inch edge, and it’s made from VG-10 steel; so not a lot of cutting room on this thing, but it’s sharp and should handle a variety of smaller everyday tasks with inconspicuous ease. Deployment of the small blade is surprisingly simple thanks to the Spyderco Round Hole.

The stainless steel handle features a frame-lock design and provides enough weight and structure to make this pint-sized folder feel solid rather than flimsy. The finger choil helps gives the hand more room to move, though it will probably still disappear in larger paws. Features a 4-way pocket clip for carrying versatility.

Overall, the Spyderco Equilibrium offers a solid build, good materials, and most of all, a high level of portability.