This week on Warehouse Hunts we’re taking a look at the new Dragon line of kitchen knives from Yaxell. Yaxell has been one of the leading knife manufacturers since 1932, and they’ve carefully handcrafted the Dragon series in Seki-City Japan.

These nine knives are all sold separately so you can build your kitchen set however you see fit. The real main-stays you’re going to want are of course the paring knife, utility knife, and chef’s knife. The paring knife in this line has a 3.5′ blade, useful for peeling, trimming, and other finer tasks where you need a lot of control.

The Chef’s knife is available in two sizes, an eight inch or a ten inch. These are going to be your real workhorse kitchen knives, perfect for larger cutting tasks, and the curved shape of the blade lets you rock the knife to make for really easy chopping. The utility knife hits that Goldilocks sweet spot, handling jobs that are a little too big for the paring knife, but too small for the full might of the chef’s knife.

Besides the must-haves, the Dragon line has five other, more exotic blade shapes for those of you who get serious with your cooking. There’s a 6.5′ Panini knife and a 9′ bread knife, which both sport scallop serrations, and the Panini knife has a nice rounded tip making it perfect for spreading condiments. There’s also an 8.5′ Nakiri for chopping herbs and vegetables, a seven and a half inch santoku, and a 9′ slicing knife.

This whole line is drop-forged, using BD1N stainless steel, which has a Rockwell hardness of 63 for really terrific edge retention. There’s a very attractive satin finish to the blade, which is nicely offset by the polished black micarta handles. The FDA-approved micarta is extremely heat-resistant, and non-shrink to maintain that seamless hygienic fit and finish, with a sturdy triple-rivet construction. The straight back and curved belly of the handle enable a really comfortable, confident hold.

There’s a lot of great variety here and a superior build-quality, making the Dragon line an excellent option to build or expand your kitchen. To learn more about these knives click here. To see our full inventory, visit