The ZT 0180 is one mean Hinderer-inspired field knife.
The ZT 0180 is one mean Hinderer-inspired field knife.

Based on Rick Hinderer’s Fieldtac knife, the new Zero Tolerance 0180 is a smaller and lighter fixed-blade knife, yet it’s built to handle tough duty. Add to that its mean and minimal look, and we’ve got a definite winner on our hands.

The blade is made of Vanadis 4 Extra powder mettalurgical cold work steel. This steel is perfectly designed for hard use and offers good wear resistance. Its natural resistance to chipping and cracking makes it an excellent steel for hard-use applications like the 0180. It is also very suitable for coating—which ZT does with tungsten DLC non-reflective coating.

The 0180’s handle scales are G-10 for durability as well as reduced weight. The handle fits really well in the palm and balanced weight feels great. Heavy jimping on the spine further enhances grip.

A tactical nylon belt sheath comes with the blade. Both are made in the USA.

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