About Us

The KnifeCenter of the Internet: Your Internet Cutlery Resource

We’re your personal knife and cutlery connection.

We are here, on your computer screen and at the other end of a free phone call, to be of full service to you in your search for information about products as well as for the products themselves. The Knife Center is a very efficiently run small company with a group of dedicated employees, all of whom work hard to make your experience exactly what you want it to be. If you know what you want, you can easily find it and order it on line and it will generally arrive to you within a few days. If you are investigating what to buy, there are plenty of ways to list and find items on the website and you are welcome to call us and our staff will be glad to help you. This has been our goal since 1995 when we became the first website to sell production knives, swords, sharpening equipment and shaving supplies. We have largely succeeded through a combination of hard work, excellent sources for products and customers who appreciate the good service and give us feedback to help us improve.

We are still the “premier” cutlery web site and you will see us stay that way for reasons you will find in the following paragraphs. The Web is still about information and the attempt here at the KnifeCenter is to give you as much information as possible. We are not limited by printing costs as a mail order catalog is and we are not owned by any manufacturing company and so can bring you the full range of products.

And now, a little about how we feel a good business should be run:

The KnifeCenter is built of three solid principles:

  • Offering quality product
  • Offering it at real value
  • Offering great service


The KnifeCenter has an incredibly wide range of items. The focus is on variety and quality. You can view and compare thousands of items from the finest manufacturers; items including hair scissors, razor strops, hunting knives, Katana swords, pocket knives and much more. We are constantly adding new items and indexing so that when you want to buy an item, you can see what is really available on the world market and not only what your local retailer carries.


If you shop and compare you will see that our prices are rock bottom. We have long term relationships with most of the manufacturers and distributors and are always finding new and better sources and prices. When we get a close-out special deal on a product it is put right up on the Specials page to pass the savings on to you. Also, please note that there are not any “hidden costs” like you may see elsewhere. We charge the same for cash or charge and the shipping costs we charge are very close to what we have to pay – unlike a lot of mail order companies you may have dealt with.


Every business is a service enterprise. I want you, our visitor and customer to be satisfied.

First of all, your purchase is backed by my personal guarantee that you will be satisfied. You can return anything you purchased from us within 30 days in its original packaging and condition for a full refund or credit. Also, I will try to keep the KnifeCenter fast. Images are kept small and most are placed deep in the site so that you don’t have to wait for long downloads you don’t really want to see.

Every customer should be treated with respect and be made a priority and I try to do that. The best reward to me so far is the Readers’ Comments I get from satisfied customers who appreciate the work involved in trying to meet their needs.

Questions come in daily over the telephone and e-mail from the far reaches of the planet on many diverse topics. We try to reply to every question but the e-mail system is not perfect and there are many messages which come back undeliverable. So if you don’t get a reply please don’t take it personally, just try again.

Please see our main Terms & Conditions for additional information

Your personal information is handled in a confidential manner.

Our order form is as secure as they can be. We use the security software to encrypt all transactions. All of our records are “fire-walled” from outsiders. Your orders are handled in the most efficient manner possible so that you receive your item(s) as quickly as possible.

I hope that you find the KnifeCenter a pleasant and informative place to shop for our products.

Here you can view, compare and learn about much of the cutlery related items commercially available today. Like most large web sites this one is continually growing and, if you visit here often, you know that the KnifeCenter changes almost daily. I am a firm believer in web commerce and feel it can offer the citizens of the world a greater variety of goods and information about those goods than any other medium. I value the feedback I get from my customers so that this site can get better all the time. Let me thank all of our customers; the new ones as well as our regulars (some have been with us from the start back in 1995 when the KnifeCenter was not even written in HTML). Without your support and feedback we would not be able to proceed. So,


Sincere Thanks,

Howard Korn – owner and founder of KnifeCenter, Inc.