Remember the Gerber Command II In Style

Thirtieth Anniversary Gerber Command II Combat Knife
Remember the Gerber Command II In Style

The Gerber Command II was a well received combat knife first manufactured in 1981. With a design based on the Mark II, the Command II featured a single edge as opposed to the Mark II‘s double edge, and serrations only at the tip of the unsharpened edge. This allowed the Command II to get around laws against double edged knives, which prohibited the Mark II.

To celebrate the upcoming anniversary of this popular knife, Gerber has chosen to issue a 30th anniversary version of the Command II made with S30V steel. The knife comes with a leather sheath, a wooden display case, and a certificate of authenticity. This is a limited edition knife, with only 1500 being made, so get yours today!

Made in the USA

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