Just Launched KitchenKnives.com


KnifeCenter.com is proud to announce the launch of a specialty site for home and kitchen products, KitchenKnives.com. The new site aims to combine a boutique atmosphere with quality service and low prices. There are refined search options, knife categories, and recommended products to make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. As a bonus for a limited time, all orders will receive free shipping!

Chef’n Kitchen Gadgets

Chef'n Kitchen Gadgets
Chef’n Kitchen Gadgets
Chef’n is one of the coolest companies we have seen. They are out of Seattle and have the most creative and useful designs in the kitchen industry. They originated the “rabbit ears” pepper grinder which is the easiest to use grinder we have seen as well as dozens of other creative products to make your kitchen tasks easier. Look for a great variety of Chef’n products here because- we just like these products a lot and think you will too!