Ken Onion Ripple gets a Redo!

Ripple knives by Ken Onion get a REDO
Ken Onion Ripple gets a Redo
The Ripple series has been a great selection since they were introduced last year. This iteration has really dressed them up. The handles are a lot smoother with a steel material rather than the aluminum they formerly came with. The blade steel has also been upgraded to the Acuto 440 which comes harder and should give very good service to the user. The overall feel and “walk and talk” of the knives is, in our opinion, much improved. As always, they fly open on ball bearings making any spring assist mechanisms unnecessary. You can see the entire Ripple Series HERE or you can see the new ones HERE
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CRKT Ken Onion Aluminum Ripple

The CRKT Ripple introduces a new knife to the line, an economical version with aluminum handles and a linerlock. The original Ripple models are available in two sizes, one with a 3.125″ blade, the other 2.7″ and both feature titanium nitride coated stainless steel handles and a framelock. Designed by well known knife maker Ken Onion, the Ripple integrates the IKBS internal knife ball-bearing system for super smooth and fast opening action. All the handles are CNC machined with the ripple pattern as well as over 40 small holes to lighten the weight of the knife. For a nearly 7.5″ overall knife, it’s extremely light at only 2.5 ounces. You can see this at

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Columbia River Ken Onion Ripple Series of Folding Knives

Columbia River Ken Onion Ripple Series of Folding Knives
Columbia River Ken Onion Ripple Series of Folding Knives
Columbia River Knife and Tool introduces the Ken Onion Ripple series of folding pocketknives.
Columbia River Ripple Series is designed by Ken Onion. This is the first production knife we have seen designed by Ken Onion that is not made by Kershaw. It is also, and more significantly, the first production knife series utilizing the amazing IKBS system of opening – these are not assisted openers. This system utilizes ball bearings in the pivot area and allows for super smooth and fast opening. These knives are AMAZING! You can see them at
This is our favorite series since the Leek from Kershaw– also designed by Ken.
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