New Heavyweight Safety Razor from Parker

Parker Heavyweight Safety Razor
New Heavyweight Safety Razor from Parker!

One of the great things about a safety razor is that it works under its own weight. With modern multi-blade razors you have to push the razor into your skin to get a close shave. With a single blade safety razor, the weight of the razor is the trick to getting a close shave. The folks at Parker have come out with a beautiful new, heavyweight razor that generates an even closer shave than your typical safety razor. It also features Parker’s reliable twist to open mechanism!

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Thiers-Issard Razors Return

Thiers-Issard Razors Return
Thiers-Issard Straight Razors – the finest!
We got in a new shipment of the wonderful Thiers-Issard razors from France. These are considered by many to be the finest razors in the world and we are proud to offer them. The Eagle brand is exclusive to the KnifeCenter in the US and the fileback model J86 is also exclusive. These are mostly old forgings meaning that they were made years ago and are just recently ground and finished to become razors with unmatched hardness and sharpness. Check out the variety of Thiers-Issard we have as well as the ShaveCenter for all of our great shaving accessories.