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Chris Reeve Knives - Unmatched Quality

New one of a kind knives from Chris Reeve! When it comes to production knives, Chris Reeve stands alone atop the mountain. He has made many innovations and collaborated on designs that have forever changed our industry. He is the father of the one-piece knife concept, with his original model MK IV, the chief innovator of the Reeve Integral Lock, commonly referred to as a Frame lock, and was even crucial to the development of S30V stainless steel. He worked alongside the Crucible Materials Company to develop the first steel specifically designed for the cutlery industry. The various inlays, CNC machined graphics on the handle scales or beautiful Devin Thomas Damascus steels can make your production knife one of a kind. If you don’t love Chris Reeve Knives, then you probably haven’t handled one – they’re that awesome. Check out all the Chris Reeve fixed and folding offerings and the new one of a kind models while they last at

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Chris Reeve Knives Ti-Lock

Chris Reeve Knives TiLock
Chris Reeve Knives Ti-Lock
Chris Reeve doesn’t release new models very often. This is a monumental occasion because he has released a model that he designed with the Hawk family. The Hawks, Grant and Gavin, are an Idaho father and son team that has contributed some of the most innovative knife designs we have ever seen. This one is a great combo with Chris Reeve’s engineering and we think it will be a hit for many years. More about the knife: This is a great pocketknife. It is extremely lightweight. The action is very easy. Opening with the thumbstud using just one hand is very natural. Closing with one hand is also easy, but takes a little practice. The remarkable quality, though, is the very full sized blade and relatively small handle. It is really a compact knife with a really useful blade. The quality of manufacture is, of course, second to none.
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