New Boker Chad Los Banos Titanium Subcom!

New Boker Plus Chad Los Banos Subcom with Titanium Frame
New Boker-Plus Titanium Framed Chad Los Banos Subcom!

The Chad Los Banos series from Boker has been a huge success. The size, and the thought that went into the design, have given it appeal to the tactical as well as every-day-carry knife customer. To celebrate the success of the series, Boker has introduced a CNC milled titanium version. The look is very cool, and the price is quite reasonable. We love it, and we think that you will too.

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A really different offering Danish Designed Boker Haddock

Bokers Danish Designed Folding Knife
Bokers Danish Designed Folding Knife-the Haddock
Every so often something comes to us that catches our eye. Something a little different with a little different take on things. Boker knives in Germany has released something that fits this bill with this new Haddock frame lock folding knife designed by a Danish knifemaker. It’s noticeably lighter than most folders of its size. It feels a little better in the hand. The blade shape is different and very utilitarian. The blade is also a very thick stock, hollowed down to a razor edge – and it is sharp. The blade finish isn’t pretty- just a flat, stone washed gray, but this is a functioning folding knife. It is extremely well made.
We like this knife. There is no thumb stud or flipper and so you pinch the top of the blade with thumb and finger and flip the handle over or use the nail slot. The action is very good and adjustable with the torx screw. You can see them at
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