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A New Genre: The Best Executive Knives

Today we’re going to be looking at a genre of knives that we’re calling Executive Knives, which you can find at

Characterized by narrow handles and long, slender blades, these fancier knives are more refined than the typical, broad-bladed framelocks we’ve gotten used to these days. Nice and elegant, they’d fit right in when dressed in a suit or office attire and are just what you need to create the right impression.

But they aren’t just good looking, they are ready to throw down as well. One could even argue that these blade shapes are more useful. They have more in common with old school slipjoints than anything else. Their precision and ability to execute fine cuts in tight places are what has made these shapes useful for generations. Add in the best modern steels and locking mechanisms, and they can still get the job done today.


Blade Show Winners

Blade Show 2014 Award Winners

Accessory of the year SOG Light Sheath

Kitchen Knife of the year. KAI Shun dual core

Investor collector. Protech Ultimate Godson 2012

Collaboration of the year. Spartan blades and Les George

Best buy if the year. Kershaw Emerson

Manufacturing quality. Lion steel

Goldie Russell is the first woman inducted into the Cutlery Hall of Fame! Well deserved.

Most innovative imported knife of the year. Klecker Knives Tri Klaxon

Most innovative American knife. Spartan blades Integral Frame
Imported knife of the year. Spyderco Rubicon
America made knife of the year. Zero Tolerance 0562cf
People’s choice award. Cited through the blade web site. RATWORX MRX

OVERALL  knife of the year. CRKT Ken onion Hi Jinx. 



Blade Show Awards 2013

The Blade Show 2013 Banquet announced the awards for the year. These are highly respected in the industry and we applaud all winners for their great work- and those nominated!

Hall of Fame: Wayne Goddard
Publishers Award: Joyce Laturi from Spyderco
Industry Achievement: Joe Keesler
Accessory of the Year: Paracord Bracelet with Saw from CRKT
Kitchen Knife of the Year: Chefworks and Ken Onion
Investor Collector: Protech
Collaboration: Microtech and Strider
Best Buy: CRKT Endorser
Manufacture Quality: Chris Reeve
Innovative Import: CRKT Ken Onion Swindle
Innovative American: Microtech DOT Killswitch
Import Knife of the Year: FOX Knives Modras
American Knife of the Year: Hogue EX04
Overall Knife of the Year: ZT0454

Superstorm Sandy Situation

To our fellow citizens:
We realize that the storm has left a large area of the country devastated and our hearts go out to everyone who is suffering from its effects. We were lucky in the Washington, DC region to have largely escaped the brunt of this storm’s incredible force, although we did experience a lot of wind damage and closures earlier this week. One of the results of this storm is the interruption in the shipping of packages throughout the Northeast as well as other parts of the country, since the systems are very interconnected. We are working with UPS and FedEx to catch up on our incoming as well as outgoing shipments. Everything should be caught up within a few days. We know that Americans all pull together in times of crisis and we all need to be understanding as the shipping companies get back on track. Thank you for your continued support. To find out how to help after the storm, please see the CNN page HERE.

Blade Show 2012 Award Winners

Blade Show 2012 Award Winners

2012 Industry Achievement: Knife Rights & AKTI

2012 Accessory of the Year: Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener Pro-Pack I

2012 Kitchen Knife of the Year: Shun Tayo Kitchen Knife

2012 Investor Collector Knife of the Year: William Henry B12 Freedom

2012 Collaboration of the Year: Zero Tolerance & RJ Martin 0600

2012 Best Buy of the Year: Kershaw Cryo

2012 Manufacturing Quality Award : Chris Reeve Knives

2012 Hall of Fame Inductee: Harold Kit Carson

2012 Most Innovative Imported Design: Lionsteel DPX Gear HEST 2.0

2012 Most Innovative American Design: Spyderco Autonomy

2012 Imported Knife of the Year: CRKT Ken Onion Foresight

2012 American Made Knife of the Year: Microtech Socom Delta

2012 Overall Knife of the Year: Zero Tolerance 0888

Knives Illustrated Web Site

Knives Illustrated Web Site
Knives Illustrated has a new web site that looks great!
The KnifeCenter of the InterNet has been advertising in Knives Illustrated for many years. Knives Illustrated now has a really nice web site that you should check out. It features some really informative videos and all kinds of resources that every knife lover should have at their disposal. They have links to wholesale suppliers (all you really need is the Knifecenter, however) as well as a slew of forums, some you may never have heard of. Plus you have links to organizations, Knife Manufacturers, lists of upcoming shows and more.
Check our Knives Illustrated’s new site- and let them know you found it from us!

Blade Show 2008 Winners!

Here is the list of Blade Show winners for 2008
Hall of Fame inductee: Ken Onion
Accessory of the year: CRKT Getaway Driver
Investor/Collector: William Henry Ltd Edition
Best Buy: Spyderco Tenacious
Innovative Import Knife: CRKT Glide Lock
Innovative American Knife: Leatherman Skeletool
Manufacturing Award: Chris Reeve Knives
Collaboration: Case and Tony Bose
Kitchen Knife of the year: Kershaw Shun
Imported Knife of the year: CRKT Fulcrum
American Knife of the year: William Henry B6
Overall Knife of the year: Chris Reeve Knives Umnumzaan

Blade Show Winners

Accessory: Bladetech
Kitchen: SHUN
Collaboration: SOG
Investor Collector: William Henry
Best Buy: Columbia River Guppie (coming soon)
Publisher’s Award: Paul Boss, Wayne Goddard
Manufacturing Quality: Chris Reeve
Innovative Import: CRKT KISS 2-Timer
Innovative American: Kershaw RAM (coming soon)
Import Knife of the Year: Boker Little Roses
American Knife of the Year: Chris Reeve Pacific
Overall Winner: Kershaw Tyrade (coming soon)