New Gerber Knives – SHOT Show 2020

Gerber’s new knives continue to lean into what worked well for them last year: a reinvigorated product line built with customer feedback in mind. Gerber is one of the biggest cutlery brands out there, so we’re excited to see them testing the waters in the premium EDC market, while continuing to offer USA-made products as well as smartly-designed budget knives.

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Principle: A Fixed Blade for Bushcraft

Gerber Principle Fixed Blade

The design process for this new USA-made fixed blade started by consulting with bushcraft instructors across the country to find out exactly what they needed in a belt knife. The result is the Gerber Principle, a Scandinavian-ground blade made to fit the hand in whatever grip the task demands. The handle has smooth rubber over-molding for comfort, and a 3.1″ blade made from 420HC steel. Typical for Gerber, the sheath is also well thought-out, with modular carry attachments that allow scout-style (horizontal) carry, vertical carry, or MOLLE attachment.

DoubleDown: A USA-Made Folding Machete

Gerber DoubleDown Folding Machete

No, it’s not a butterfly knife. Can we call it a bali-chete? The Gerber DoubleDown is built to take on the jobs of a knife, a machete, and a hatchet. The 6.8″ blade has quite a bit of reach thanks to the long handles, so you get plenty of momentum for chopping if you choke back on your grip, and plenty of control for carving or slicing if you choke up.

The DoubleDown is made specifically with splitting kindling in mind, featuring jimping designed to keep a baton strike from glancing off the blade. Not many manufacturers encourage people to baton with their blades (let alone their folding ones), so we take our hat off to Gerber for giving the people what they want! Despite how the knife looks, it can’t easily be flipped open or closed, due to the “quad-lock” safety built in, which keeps the handles from folding unintentionally. We’re excited to see how these perform in the hands of our customers – Gerber seems confident that these Portland, Oregon-made tools can take whatever you can throw at ’em.

Fastball: Gerber’s Best Folder Just Got Better

Gerber Fastball Folding Knife

The Fastball was our favorite new Gerber folder last year: a winning combination of detail-oriented design, quality materials, and solid execution. It was a pitch to the knife enthusiasts who expect a lot from their daily carry knives, and it landed. This year, Gerber is pushing the design even further: upgrading the steel from S30V to 20CV, upgrading the backspacer from plastic to aluminum, and giving it a cool new cleaver-inspired blade shape. The flipping action and finishing on these are on point (even if the blade lacks one). Suffice it to say we’re excited to get them in stock. Until then, they’re available for pre-order if you want to be first in line when they arrive.

Asada: Speaking of Cleavers…

Gerber Asada Folding Knife

Moving from the USA-made products into Gerber’s import line, we turn to the all-new Asada: a compact folding cleaver with full-sized appeal. The 3-inch blade of the Asada isn’t tiny, but it’s small enough to make it easier on the pocket than the similar-looking FlatIron folder. The Asada will be available with either 7Cr17M0V blade steel with an aluminum scale, or D2 with Micarta. Both versions feature a steel frame lock, a ball bearing pivot, and snappy flipper deployment.

Sumo: A Budget Crossbar Lock Folder

Gerber Sumo Folding Knife

At $36.95 (as of today), the Gerber Sumo might be the most affordable folding knife with a crossbar lock on the market. That alone is enough to get excited about, but the design is solid, too: a useful drop point blade shape and comfortable handle should make this a compelling buy for anyone looking for a strong, capable budget folder.

Prybrid Multitools

Gerber Prybrid Utility Tool

Finally, Gerber also unveiled a new series of hybrid multi-tools. Built around replaceable utility blades, these tools are small enough to drop in a pocket without fuss. Each features a sliding mechanism for deploying and retracting the blade safely, and has a pry/open end for when the job requires a little more torque. The Prybrid X takes Xacto-style hobby blades, and the Prybrid Utility takes standard utility razor blades.

What New Gerber Are You Looking Forward To?

We’re looking forward to all the new knives from Gerber – what are you waiting on? Keep your eye on our new items page as these products begin to trickle in, or you can always pre-order something if you want to be first in line for new stock.

New Buck Knives and the BuckMaster 2.0: SHOT Show 2020

Buck Knives continues to mine their design archives for popular knives from the past, bringing them back with a modern twist. For 2020, they’re reviving the BuckMaster, one of Buck’s rarest and most memorable fixed blades: a diving/survival knife built for Navy SEALs in the 1980s and ’90s. We interviewed BuckMaster expert Rich Neyman and retired Navy SEAL Tom Coulter, who told us the story of the original knife and its upcoming return!

Thrill Integral Slipjoint, Another First for LionSteel: SHOT Show 2020

Innovative Italian Craftsmanship

LionSteel knives are known for their impeccable quality, and the company is always looking to stretch the limits of modern manufacturing technology. They were the first to bring an integral frame lock design to production. For 2020, they’ve done it again – this time with a traditional slipjoint.

New Knives from SHOT Show 2020: Video Coverage

Shot Show logo

Since SHOT Show isn’t open to the public, we sent David C. Andersen out to share the knife news with the rest of us. 2020 is shaping up to be an interesting year for the knife industry. Read on for an up-close look at all the new knives to come from Spyderco, Benchmade, SOG, CRKT, Gerber and many more.

New Spyderco Knives: SHOT Show 2020

New Spyderco Knives Announced – Shop Now!

We sat down with Spyderco’s Eric Glesser to talk new knives and new steels, including a new alloy developed especially for Spyderco blades. Read on for pictures and video of the first Spyderco fixed blades and pocket knives to come in 2020.

New Benchmade Knives: SHOT Show 2020

New Benchmades Announced – Shop Now!

Our first stop on the 2020 SHOT Show tour was the Benchmade booth, where they revealed more than a few new products: mini versions of all-time favorites, tactical knives, gentleman’s folders, and even a few automatics. Let’s take a closer look!

Welcome to SHOT Show 2020

Shot Show logo

If you love knives, the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is worth paying attention to. It’s where most brands announce their new products for the coming year–Victorinox, Boker, Buck, Gerber, SOG, Spyderco, Benchmade (and many more) are all in attendance, carrying prototypes and early production samples of fixed blades and folders to come in 2020.

Memorial Day

This weekend we remember our fallen heroes. While we are busy with our daily work, it is easy to lose sight of those putting their lives on the line every day for our safety, but this day and weekend gives us that opportunity. So thank you, American service personnel. We are extremely grateful that our country is safe and secure so we can go about our daily business without worry. The sacrifices that you give, while we are not able to fully understand all of them, are appreciated and honored. We salute you!

A New Genre: The Best Executive Knives

Today we’re going to be looking at a genre of knives that we’re calling Executive Knives, which you can find at

Characterized by narrow handles and long, slender blades, these fancier knives are more refined than the typical, broad-bladed framelocks we’ve gotten used to these days. Nice and elegant, they’d fit right in when dressed in a suit or office attire and are just what you need to create the right impression.

But they aren’t just good looking, they are ready to throw down as well. One could even argue that these blade shapes are more useful. They have more in common with old school slipjoints than anything else. Their precision and ability to execute fine cuts in tight places are what has made these shapes useful for generations. Add in the best modern steels and locking mechanisms, and they can still get the job done today.


The Best Frame Lock Knives

Let’s talk about the frame lock, one of the most enduring locks on the market. From historic, iconic knives to new innovators, we’re going to take a look at seven of our favorite frame lock designs which you can find at the KnifeCenter.

Also known as the Integral Lock, the frame lock functions similarly to a liner lock, but instead of a thin liner that holds the blade open, the entire thickness of the frame becomes a lockbar. This makes a secure system that only gets better when you grip harder.


The Chris Reeve Sebenza

The first knife we’ll be looking at is a no-brainer. No list of frame locks would be complete without the Chris Reeve Sebenza.


Not only is Reeve the inventor of the frame lock, but he has also dominated the genre for years. Originally developed in 1987, the Sebenza is still the standard by which all other frame locks are judged. Their fit and finish are impeccable and well known for their “bank vault” solid lockup.

The classic version features this elegant drop point blade with a hollow grind (although you can also get it with a tanto) or their Insingo blade shape, which bears a modified sheepsfoot profile.

The frame on the Sebenza is solid titanium, which carries nice and thin in the pocket. If you want a little more girth, there are versions inlaid with materials like wood or Micarta. Both add extra grip and style, but the ultimate versions feature either or both milled Computer Generated Graphics and Damascus blades.



People keep coming back to the Sebenza for a reason. Tweaked and improved over time, this archetype of the genre has stood the test of time and isn’t going away anytime soon.