The Best Outdoor and Survival Gear: KnifeCenter Picks!

KnifeCenter has some of the best outdoor and survival gear from Spyderco, ESEE, Cold Steel, Ontario, CRKT, and more! These knives and tools are perfect for any camping bag, so be sure to browse through and click the links below so you can take advantage of the best knife deals on the internet. If you don’t want to miss out on our bi-monthly Outdoor & Survival Newsletter, be sure to sign up!


Cold Steel Bush Ranger Folder

Fans of Cold Steel may remember their original Bush Ranger, which was a fixed blade with a famously ergonomic handle. This updated folding version sports brown G10 scales and keeps the comfortable handle design – and we can tell you personally that it fills your hand in the best way. Add in the premium S35VN blade and Andrew Demko-patented Thumb Plate and you have a new midweight EDC that performs like a true workhorse.


SOG Knives Ace Fixed Blade

Nicely molded nylon sheath and line cutter, grippy rubber handle, full tang construction – all attractive qualities that make the Ace a great general purpose knife. From batoning wood to whittling, this fixed blade will make a survivalist out of any user. Considering it’s less than twenty-five bucks and it comes with SOG’s lifetime warranty, there’s really no reason not to have this handy tool in your pack.


CRKT Elmer Roush Pack Axe

This axe proves that size isn’t everything – it’s compact and light enough to be carried comfortably, but is a true heavyweight champion when it comes to chopping tasks. Designed by Elmer Roush, the Pack Axe is forged from 1060 carbon steel and is virtually indestructible. The Tennessee Hickory Wood handle adds a classic touch that makes this axe both a beauty and a beast.


Spyderco Byrd Cara Cara Folders

In 2010, Spyderco’s Byrd knives underwent some engineering refinements that greatly improved their designs and functionality. The latest evolution of the Cara Cara has a full-flat ground blade, a four-way ambidextrous clip, and Phosphor bronze bushings for buttery smooth action. Scoring a Spyderco for less than twenty-three dollars seems like a no-brainer and you have a nice variety of handle options, including highly visible orange scales.


ESEE Knives Camp-Lore Fixed Blades

For the outdoor enthusiast who wants a no-frills, traditional bushcrafting knife – the Camp-Lore from Cody Rowen is your perfect fit. Not only is the knife American-made, but the pouch sheath uses leather supplied by one of the oldest tanneries in the US. Available with both Micarta or orange G10 handle scales and a black stonewashed plain blade, this compact tool makes for a superb bird and trout knife.


Victorinox Swiss Army Forester One-Hand Multi-Tool

Want more than a knife? The Forester one-hand multi-tool is a pocket knife with ten integrated functions that will make any trek in the woods a breeze. Red grip dual density handle scales conceal a large blade, a bottle opener, a wire stripper, screwdrivers, a wood saw, a can opener, a reamer, a corkscrew, and a key ring.


Ontario Knife Company Hunt Plus Fixed Blades

These American-made fixed blades from OKC come from their award-winning Hunt Plus line. This collection includes the Caper, which excels at both fine work and large-scale cutting tasks. Its pencil point can be manipulated well thanks to the knife’s unique shape – you can choke up on the knife and whittle, or get a firm grip on the synthetic rubber handle and slice through cords. If you’ve been waiting for great deals on camping knives and skinning knives, your time has come!


NDuR Survival Guides

It’s time to update your packs and emergency kits! We’ve got waterproof survival matches, match tube holders, fire starter gel packs, whistles, emergency blankets, water filters, compasses, and more! These must-have survival essentials start at less than three dollars, which is the deal of a lifetime for items that could potentially save your life.




New Custom Knives at KnifeCenter!

It’s that time of the week – we’re showing off our latest custom and mid-tech knife haul with some beautiful designs from Jake Hoback, Todd Beggs, Michal Gavac, and more.


Grindhouse Custom TMAx #7 Flipper

We don’t know what TMA (or TMAx obviously) stands for, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying this Wharncliffe flipper with extremely satisfying action from Sam Jones. It’s a unique Grindhouse knife with super thick blade stock to perform robust jobs and a slender handle so it carries easily in the pocket.


New Jake Hoback Folding Knives

We have a nice selection of new Jake Hoback folders that includes titanium variations of the MK Ultra, custom Tradecraft automatics and the A8 Slimline flippers that are, in our opinion, ideal tactical EDC knives with excellent build quality.


Todd Begg Knives Custom Astio Flipper

The Astio is yet another Jared Van Otterloo design, this time perfected by Todd Begg Knives. Produced in their California custom shop, this tactical masterpiece is just the right size for everyday carry and is outfitted with all the best features of a Begg custom knife.


Alexey Konygin Custom Decepticon

This is your chance to own a handmade variation of one of the most awesome custom knives built anywhere in the world. Alexey Konygin’s Decepticon is iconic with its layered titanium handle, and this recurve compound blade is the work of a true master.


Emerson Custom Super Commander

You all know what you’re getting with the custom Super Commander from Ernie Emerson – a hand ground recurved blade with a titanium and Micarta handle on a super-sized platform of one of the most successful tactical knives ever created.


Ferrum Forge/Gavko Spinner Folding Knives

Michal Gavac has had this design for years and now Ferrum Forge has put their “spin” on it – and the result is simply amazing. We are now offering these Spinner semi-customs at up to $70 off, so act fast if you want a fantastic collab piece at a phenomenal price!


Microtech Socom Elite Automatic

This is THE knife that comes to mind when we think of combat folding knives. Its design has definitely proven itself over the years. This 2018 automatic rendition of the iconic Socom was built for tier one operators and police officers, so you know it is going to perform like a true boss.


We have some new Pro-Tech autos, a Kirby Lambert folder, and a small batch of long-awaited SMFs from Mick Strider arriving soon. We get new customs and mid-techs in every day, so please email us at with any inquiries.

Outdoor & Survival Knives, Tools, and Gear

While it seems like it has been hot forever at this point, summer has only started – there’s still plenty of time for hiking, camping, hunting, and bushcrafting before the weather turns on us. Then again, we’re located in Virginia…’unpredictable’ is an understatement when it comes to our weather. These eight outdoor essentials are ideal for survivalists from any region, including locations with seriously sweltering humidity.


Spyderco Sprint Run Delica 4 Wharncliffe Folder

Inspired by a request from one of their customers, this variation of a Spyderco favorite features a flat-ground Wharncliffe-style blade crafted from high-performance HAP40 tool steel. You’ll get all the standard Delica 4 Lightweight features paired with a thick, straight edge that specializes in controlled cuts. This workhorse lockback also sports unique burnt orange handles that make it a standout from the lineup. This knife is in such high demand that we’re actually waiting on a new batch from Spyderco – so stay tuned for the next run!


Steel Will Roamer Outdoor Fixed Blades

Tough, versatile, ergonomic – all characteristics embodied by the Roamer. These fixed blades come in a wide variety of blade shapes, some of which are forged from high quality D2 tool steel. The grippy handles are available in highly visible orange and attractive black, and their deep grooves ensure a firm hand purchase, even in wet conditions. If you’re a hunter or a fisherman, you need a Roamer.


KA-BAR All American Tactical Spork 3 Pack Set

You may not think of a spork as a complete set of flatware, but KA-BAR’s twist on this classic kitchen utensil is just that thanks to its hidden serrated knife. Made from foodsafe Grilamid, this USA-made fork/spoon combo tool is dishwasher safe and weighs in at only 3.9 ounces – a light load for any backpack, pocket or tool box.


Real Steel Knives Bushcraft D2 Folder

Real Steel was tasked with making a compact folding knife that performed like a bushcrafting fixed blade – and we can safely say they delivered. This folder has a tough D2 plain blade with a Scandi grind and a squared off spine that can be used with a fire steel. The G10 scales will stay grippy even in wet conditions, and the red stainless liners give it a touch of class you don’t usually see with survival knives in this price range.


Cold Steel Rajah II Folders

Any true outdoor enthusiast knows that having a kukri is a requirement, not an option. It’s a multi-purpose tool that cuts, chops, slices, and shears through tough materials like butter. Cold Steel has come through with a folding kukri that comes equipped with their Tri-Ad locking mechanism, Griv-Ex handles, and your choice of CTS-BD1 or AUS-10A steel. We can tell you firsthand that holding this 14” monster folder makes us feel ready to take on anything.


Buck Knives Silver Creek Series Fillet Knives

For the big fish hunters out there, these fillet knives are perfect for large catches. Made with flexible 420 Series steel that’s highly corrosion resistant, these blades will bend and move easily through meat and scales to give you a perfectly sliced fillet. The blue rubber handles have anti-slip grips and stainless steel safety guards that feel great in the hand, making these a necessity for any angler.


Camping and Survival Fire Starters

We have a wide variety of fire starters that are sure to shed some light on your next outdoor adventure. We’ve got fire steels, fire starters, compasses, match tube holders, parashovels, fire starter gels, and more! These are must-have outdoor essentials that anyone who’s looking to put together a safe, secure, and festive campsite will need.


ESEE Knives Orange Survival Signal Tarp

Made from 300 denier nylon, this 5’x5’ signal tarp can be used for keeping things dry and can act as an improvised bag or hammock. For the bushcrafter or survivalist who wants to travel with as little gear as possible, this American-made tarp can perform a multitude of tasks – you can even build a makeshift shelter with it.



Customs & Mid-Techs: BLADE Show 2018 Edition! (Part Two)

Here we have the last batch of custom and mid-tech knives from our trip to BLADE Show – and we’re ending our haul with some pretty incredible designs from Jeremy Marsh, Tom Krein, and Tom Ploppert.


Jeremy Marsh Dressed Up MAC RoxStars

We were fortunate to get a few of Jeremy’s MAC RoxStars at BLADE that feature zirconium or zircu-ti pocket clips with hidden hardware for a little extra pizzazz. It’s one of the premier tactical folders on the market and available for a fraction of what a full custom would run you even though it feels just as nice.


George Muller Custom Knives

We managed to grab quite a selection of George’s offerings at the show, including a few well-priced EDC beauties. As with all of his knives, they combine top-notch materials together harmoniously to give these designs the look of true art knives.


Steven Kelly Custom Knives and Gear

Straws, Ti Sushi Sticks, Doohickeys, Screw-Its, fixed blades and heck, even a titanium spike – we’ve got some of nearly everything from the 2018 BLADE Show that Steven offers at the moment. We always love working with Steven and his wife Malissa, his constant companion at every show. Out of everything we got at BLADE, these Dragon Skin pattern milled Sushi Sticks might just be the coolest thing.


Spartan Blades Custom Special Edition SHFs

SHF Spartan Harsey Folder…quickly becoming THE knife to have from Spartan Blades. We have an awesome selection here of customized and special edition models, so you’re sure to find one for you or a very, very good friend.


Tom Krein Custom Splinter Flipper

Tom Krein Splinter = ideal EDC knife. It’s small, ergonomic and fast, which makes it fun to pull out of your pocket and use without calling attention to yourself. With CTS-XHP stainless steel and durable G10, it’s a user piece with class and definite curb appeal.


Al Warren Custom Fixed Blades

Alan C. Warren custom knives are functional works of edge art. He puts in the time and includes features that you don’t often see but will absolutely love, like silver soldering on the finger guard for a cleaner look or tapering the tang thickness of the blade at the butt end to save weight. They are specifically designed, manufactured, and honed for hunting tasks and deserve to be used. However, these are some of the most beautiful cutting tools we’ve ever carried so safe queen status is definitely not out of the realm of possibilities.


Les George/Allen Elishewitz Cerebrus Mid-Techs

Sometimes it’s difficult to see two makers’ design styles in a collaboration but that definitely is not the case with the Cerebrus from Les George and Allen Elishewitz. This large and in charge tactical flipper looks like an Elishewitz knife with a George finish and mid-tech build quality. We are making them even more enticing by taking $125 off, so if you want to get one into your hands at a great price…better act quick!


DPx Gear USA-Made HEST/F Urban Special Editions

The HEST/F Urban came about when Robert Young Pelton wanted to bring a knife to the EDC community that wasn’t just for knife people. It’s for all people who appreciate well-built tools that will last for generations. These three special edition models will appeal to anyone who wants something different than standard issue stonewashed/bead blasted.


We have new knives from EOS, RMJ Tactical, Kansei Matsuno, Chuck Richards, Matt Westberg, Rick Hinderer, balisongs from Les Voorhies and Nathan Dewey, and more Astio flippers from Todd Begg Knives. We get new Customs and Mid-Techs in every day, so please email us at with any inquiries.

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The Art of Bushcrafting

Bushcraft, a term used to describe the development or application of survival skills, often includes voyaging into thick wooded territory with very little supplies to connect with nature and develop your personal survival abilities. Bushcrafters often will go into the wild with nothing more than a knife, a pocket full of survival gear, and maybe one other tool. Some bring survival kits and others are pure minimalists that will only bring a blanket.

You’ll often see the amount of gear someone brings change depending on how comfortable they are with their survival skills.


Bushcrafters focus on rudimentary survival skills such as firecraft, survival shelter building, water collection, tracking, hunting, fishing, navigation by natural means, foraging, creating cordage, wilderness first-aid, and more. I guess you could say that that bushcrafting is like camping, but without the tent…or the food…or a trail to follow.

You’re going to want to take gear that helps with the big four necessities: shelter, water, fire, and food. Part of the fun of bushcraft is relying on the land to sustain you, but there are a few items that can make your next adventure more efficient.


Morakniv Mora of Sweden Military Green Companion Knife


Most bushcrafters will agree that the knife is the most important tool you can have. A smaller knife is better for fine work like carving, and they come in handy when making spring snares and skinning animals. The Companion is a great all-in-one knife with a 4.1” high carbon blade that’s perfect for tough cuts. Carbon steel is commonly used because of its durability and ease of sharpening in the field. An important feature for any bushcrafting tool is a handle that will keep your hand from slipping. You’ll be out in the elements – rainy weather, blistering heat, and everything in between may impact your ability to keep a firm grip on your tools. That’s why a textured, rubber handle provides a comfortable grip during extended use while you carve or work with different materials.


Condor Tool & Knife Primitive Bush Knife

If you prefer a larger fixed blade, this bush knife may be more your style. You’ll get almost double the blade length over the Companion, and the heavy duty Micarta handle will resist moisture and perform well in extreme temperatures. It was designed by Matt Graham, a survivalist who specializes in aboriginal skills and once spent six months in the wild. That alone should prove this tool is up to the challenge. Larger knives excel at chopping tasks, which is a big factor when building shelters. You can also baton with larger fixed blades to easily split wood.


Browning Black Label Stow-Away Camp Machete




There are a lot of people that love G10 handles, which are made from a fiberglass laminate that’s extremely durable. This machete from Browning has removable G10 scales so you can access its T-handled diamond wire saw, a perfect tool for taking down tree limbs. While the 440 stainless steel on this knife won’t be as tough as carbon steel, it’s much more corrosion resistant. Stainless steel will also be a bit harder to sharpen, but a hardcore bushcrafter may think putting a diamond sharpener in their pack would be adding too much weight.



TOPS Knives TFSK-38 Fire Starter Emergency Kit


This style of fire starter will work in any condition and last a long time. It’s USA-made, lightweight, easy to carry, and will work even if it’s been previously soaked in water. You’ll get one ferro rod, two magnesium rods, a survival whistle, a can opener that doubles as a striker for your ferro rod, and a 30-inch ball chain. Magnesium burns at a high temperature, so you’re getting a built-in tinder that won’t get wet. You can scrape it into your tinder bundle, which will then allow you to light a fire in wet or damp conditions. 


Vargo Titanium Travel Mug



You’ll need a way to boil water so you can avoid any unsafe bacteria from streams and lakes. This titanium mug is ultralight, so you won’t have any bulk in your pack. It holds 450 mL of liquid, and its ‘stay cool’ rim won’t burn your lips if you’re drinking it fresh off the fire. It even comes with a mesh storage bag.


Paracord and Nano Cord


When you’re out in the woods, you’ll have to get creative with what you’ll do for shelter – paracord and nano cord are definitely nice to have around. Paracord is great for lashing together bundles of sticks, holding together shelters, creating a makeshift fishing line, and snaring.


For both new survivalists and experienced bushcrafters, going out into the wilderness with minimal supplies can be exhilarating. When putting together your survival kit, you should take it out and use it once in a controlled environment before risking your life on it. Who knows? You may realize that it’s missing something that you need. All in all, bushcrafting gives you the opportunity to truly become one with nature. You’ll be using your knife a lot, so make sure it has a good, comfortable grip in your hand and great slip resistance. Stay safe, remember to tell someone your plan, and always carry a good knife!


Happy 4th of July, America

Happy 4th of July!

Here at KnifeCenter Independence Day holds a special place in our hearts.  Here’s to a wonderful Fourth of July celebrated with friends and family. We encourage all citizens to stand up for truth in all aspects of our government. Please stay safe this holiday as we look forward to celebrating many more holidays with our awesome customers!  Happy 4th of July from the Knifecenter!

KnifeCenter Talks: Microtech’s Ultratech and SOCOM Elite

If there’s one thing we love at KnifeCenter, it’s talking about knives. Chandler, our Product Specialist, and Matt D., our Custom Specialist, got together this week to talk about Microtech – specifically the Ultratech and SOCOM Elite. Watch with earbuds so you can get the full ASMR effect of that awesome OTF action.


KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the best automatic knives in the world.

Shining a Light on AceBeam!

We’re shining a light (sorry, we had to…) on AceBeam’s line of flashlights. AceBeam was established in 2014 and has been recognized as some of the brightest and best-made flashlights. Their talented research, design, engineering, and marketing teams work together to satisfy the most demanding end-users by constantly testing the limits of what can be achieved with the latest technology – and they don’t sacrifice durability, functionality, or value.

KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the best flashlights in the world.

Customs & Mid-Techs: BLADE Show 2018 Edition!

Check out our latest additions to the site – these incredible BLADE Show 2018 customs. Don’t worry, though…we still have a few things left to add from the show, so the fun isn’t over.

KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the best custom knives in the world.


Kurt Merriken Custom Knives

Kurt Merriken is a talented up and coming custom knifemaker and we’re very excited to be able to showcase a couple of his knives. This full-time firefighter from Florida spends much of his free time grinding away, specifically on unusually large, intimidating folders. We picked up two very different yet equally impressive models from Kurt at the BLADE show: two elegant full dress Excursion Prototype flippers with Damascus and timascus and a Mutiny Reincarnated Prototype in liner lock configuration.


Biegler Bladeworks Custom Balisongs

Brian Biegler is about to take the butterfly community by storm with his exceptional array of blade shapes and utterly amazing flipping action. These handmade balis are the cream of the crop, yet they won’t set you back so much that you’ll never actually use these premium tools.


Butch Ball Custom Flippers

Butch Ball is a local designer for us, yet we always seem to be seeing him down in Atlanta instead of in Virginia. With that said, we picked up as many pieces as we could from Butch that exemplified the tactical yet stylish nature of his work and they’re moving quickly, so act fast.


New Hotness from Custom Knife Factory

It was too much to try and fit all the different models we got from CKF at the show in the title, so we’ll do it here. We have some customized one-off and full dress Decepticon 4s, Gavko SF Spinner Flippers, and Hoback Kwaiback collaborations, plus some production Bragga and Kadat flippers. We even have a handmade Decepticon from Alexey Konygin that was hand-delivered here to Virginia by Alexey himself. All of these pieces are absolutely amazing and will make worthy additions to your collection.


Les George Custom Rockeye and Mid-Tech Galvos

Les George is a true gentleman in this industry, but his work is anything but. It’s designed for real-world tactical use with just the right amount of embellishment to not be over the top. We picked up a number of his Galvo boot knives in various finishes, as well as this stunning Damascus Rockeye that’s outfitted with Chad Nichols Cu-Ti mokume pivot collars.


Alan Kritzman Custom Flippers

If there’s one thing Alan Kritzman is not, it’s greedy. These flippers are undeniably elegant and sophisticated and feature top-notch fit and finish, but they sure aren’t priced like knives that were handmade in the USA. They will provide you with excellent value for your money and give you a knife you’ll look forward to using each and every day.


Carlo Cavedon Custom Knives

Carlo Cavedon manufactures knives under the company name CavedonArt – and that perfectly describes his work. His knives are extremely beautiful, often featuring hand engraving to take it to the next level. We’re lucky to be able to offer these two amazing pieces to you.


Melvin Lozada Custom Knives

Melvin Lozada is a custom knifemaker who tires easily of making the same design so he’s always progressing onto something new and improved. We have a few new models here including the Anubis, Bandido 3.0, and a skeletonized fixed blade. We also have some tried and true designs in the shape of a Rhino 5.0 and this beautiful Damascus Chronos flipper.


Chuck Gedraitis Custom Knives

2018 is the year of the slipjoint and Chuck Gedraitis is 100% on board. We picked up a number of his new compact slipjoint models in addition to a single tactical Marauder XL model that’s large, in charge, and outfitted with only the best materials Chuck could find.

We still have a few more things from BLADE Show to get up on the site including pieces from Greg Lightfoot, Rick Hinderer, Kendall Hughes, Scorpion 6, and Spartan Blades. We get new Customs and Mid-Techs in every day, so please email us at with any inquiries.