Gedraitis, Anso, Tietz, and More!

We could give you a whole spiel about how incredible these custom masterpieces are…or we could just show you our wares. Check ’em out!


Chuck Gedraitis Custom Knives

We’ve always been impressed by the variety of knives Chuck makes, which ranges from balis and Bowies to hunting and tactical fixed blades. We have a nice smattering here to prove our point, including a Scagel folder and Bird and Trout fixed blade that harken back to a time before all these synthetic handle materials became so prevalent.


Jens Anso Custom Titanium Tools

If the Full Dress Neo is your kind of knife, but it’s wildly out of your price range, you’re not alone…we’re in the same boat as you. Luckily, we can shop this collection of top-quality designs that we actually can afford – the engineering and manufacturing that you get with one of his titanium tools are top-notch.


Grindhouse Custom Flippers

We don’t know what TMA (or TMAx obviously) stands for, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the compact Wharncliffe flipper from Sam Jones. It’s a unique Grindhouse knife with super thick blade stock and an ergonomic grip that will transform the knife into an extension of your arm.


VDK Goat Budget Flippers

Available in two sizes, the Goat is the first VDK knife to use G10 handle scales and a liner lock mechanism. With this change in materials comes a nice change in price – each of these flippers are $125 shipped to your door, no matter which size you choose.


Kirby Lambert/Bill Wall Custom Skull Beads

Custom knifemaker Kirby Lambert and leather/jewelry craftsman Bill Wall have teamed up to bring out amazing Lambert Black Widow-themed lanyard beads that are available in a variety of materials. Each one is unique, wicked awesome, and sure to transform your EDC into a new, stylish daily carry companion.


Steve Ryan Custom Knives

Steve Ryan is a longtime custom knifemaker with an affinity for large knives. All his folders are tactically designed with over 4″ blades, but styled for EDC with rainbow anodized titanium frames. We’re taking $125 off each one so that you can pick up a new VDK Goat, or do whatever you care to do with all the extra coin you’re saving.


White River Firecraft FC3.5

Designed by Jason Tietz, who also manufacturers the Moby Whalers, the Firecraft FC3.5 is the smallest of the series and comes wrapped with 550 paracord or outfitted with G10 scales. The pinky ring adds a lot of versatility to the design. If you want the next step up from an ESEE Izula, you’ve just found it!


Coming soon we’ll have our weekly shipment from Rick Hinderer, more from Microtech, RMJ Tactical, and some really nice pieces from Pro-Tech. We get new Customs and Mid-Techs in every day, so please email us at with any inquiries. KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the best custom knives from some of the most well known knifemakers in the world.

Introducing The Knife Guide!

You know KnifeCenter is the largest and original catalog of cutlery, but did you also know we’ve been an educational resource since our launch in 1995? From day one, we’ve been an international hub with the latest knife news. One of our biggest goals was to not only be able to give you the largest collection of products, but also have all the information you’d ever need about knives and tools to make an informed purchase.

One thing we take very seriously is making it easier for knife newbies to enter the industry. That’s why we’ve created The Knife Guide – a series of videos that will cover a wide range of topics, from learning about knife parts to knife and tool maintenance (and everything in between).

We already have the first two installments ready and rolling on our YouTube channel!


The Knife Guide 01: Defining an EDC

This video will not only define an EDC, but will explain a little bit about folding knives, pocket knives, fixed blade knives, multi-tools, and some rules for choosing a knife or tool that’s the right fit for you. You can also check out all of the products that we used in the video, just in case any of them caught your eye or seemed like a good fit for a first-time knife or tool buyer.


The Knife Guide 02: What is a Folding Pocket Knife? 

In the second installment of the series, we dug into exactly what a folding knife is – the parts, how they work, what additions impact the cost of a folding knife, the different types of locking mechanisms and how they function, and some of the trademarks you’ll see in folding knives from well known manufacturers like Spyderco and Benchmade. We pulled out some great knives to help showcase these features, that way you’ll know our recommendations and can feel confident picking up any one of these folders.


We’ll be adding new videos weekly on YouTube and featuring the products on our website. We’re going to talk about what a fixed blade is, the best way to sharpen steel, the different blade shapes and what blade types are best for specific tasks, the different types of steel and how they compare, the best knife handle materials, and more. We’re also eager to see what type of content you’d like to see in this series – nothing is off limits! Be sure to head to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to let us know what you think and your recommendations for what you’d like featured in this series next!




Custom Knives You Didn’t Know You Needed

We know, we know…you’ve been waiting all week to see these custom beauties! Luckily, the wait is over. You’ll see some custom staples in this list (Hinderer always makes a great addition), but also a production knife feature of a KnifeCenter Exclusive Spyderco. What else is there? Scroll to find out!

KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the best custom knives from some of the most well known knifemakers in the world.


Stray Cat Custom Fixed Blades

Another shipment from Stray Cat Knives brings us a bunch of fixed blades built for the tough, nitty-gritty jobs you encounter on a daily basis. We love the unique look Steven Jensen always delivers. Whether you need a new tactical blade, camp knife, or especially a neck knife, we’ve got you covered.


New Rick Hinderer Accessories and Pens

The modular nature of Rick Hinderer’s knives means that you can always configure yours to be exactly what you want, even if it didn’t come that way from the factory. That’s why we stock all sorts of accessories, including these new pens and handle scales that will totally transform your favorite EDC knife into a complete kit that is truly your own.


New RMJ Tactical Leather Sheaths

Transform the look of your tactical tomahawk or fixed blade and turn it into a wilderness survival tool with the simple addition of a leather sheath from Chattanooga Leatherworks. These guys build the sheaths not only for RMJ Tactical, but Spartan Blades and Les George. Having one of these high quality sheaths means you own a top-notch piece.


New Microtech OTF Automatics

For our money, there isn’t a better out-the-front automatic on the market than a Tony Marfione-designed Microtech knife. They are the industry standard in more ways than one, and the best advice we can give you is to get one while you can!


Kosie and Willem WF Steenkamp Knives

These two brothers make totally different types of knives, but they all have one thing in common: quality. Kosie prefers making smooth looking, smooth functioning EDC knives. Willem is the more tactical of the two, preferring flippers and bearings on his versatile knives. While our stock lasts, we’re putting them on sale to entice you into buying one of these amazing handmade South African folders.


Fodale Knives Orion Flipper – Only $250!

We honestly can’t go any lower than this, so we’ll let the price do most of the talking. CPM-S35VN, full titanium handles, and a versatile knife design make the Orion shine in both EDC and last-ditch tactical arenas. At this price for USA-made quality, it is simply unmatched.


KnifeCenter Exclusive Spyderco Pakkawood Dragonfly 2

The next Pakkawood Spyderco model has finally arrived and should definitely be in consideration for your next EDC piece or money clip knife. It’s about as small as we’d go in a typical utility knife, and its combination of a useful leaf blade, ergonomic handle design, and wire clip make it one of our favorite daily carry companions.

Here’s what we’ve got in the pipeline: a pair of Marfione Custom Socoms, Engraved Thumpers from RMJ, and some way out, way cool pieces from Chuck Gedraitis. We get new Customs and Mid-Techs in every day, so please email us at with any inquiries. Let us know what you’d like to see next!

What’s New at KnifeCenter

Maybe the rest of you hate Mondays, but for us it’s one of the best days of the week. Why? We get to share new items with you, which include some pretty cool new additions that we think you’re going to fall for. Spoiler alert: to see a list of the best new items every Monday, you have to sign up for our newsletter.

If you’re late to the game, don’t worry – here’s a list of our greatest new items so you can peruse, click, buy, and brag. We even have a KnifeCenter Exclusive included in the list below! Who are we kidding, we can’t wait to show you…it’s first on the list.

KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the newest knives from some of the most well known knifemakers in the world.


Spyderco KnifeCenter Exclusive Pakkawood Dragonfly 2 Folder

This KnifeCenter Exclusive Dragonfly has a three-layer laminate blade made from high-speed HAP40 tool steel and high carbon SUS410, which gives this knife great corrosion resistance. With an overall length of 5.56” and a weight of 1.9 ounces, this is a lightweight EDC option with a nice, manageable size. The gorgeous mahogany Pakkawood handle scales bring an old school look to this much beloved industry favorite. This folder gives you high quality steel, amazing versatility, a super secure Boye Dent lockback mechanism, and all the classic Dragonfly features you know and love.


Benchmade Bugout

The Bugout was created for people on the go and designed to be a full-size workhorse with all the benefits of a lightweight pocket knife. This model comes with a Ranger Green Grivory handle and a smoked gray nitride coated blade, which gives it a tactical and “rough” look that’s backed up by its premium S30V steel. Thanks to its deep carry pocket clip, you’ll have a discreet carry that won’t draw any unwanted attention. This knife is great for anyone looking for a hard use knife with high quality steel that can double as both a hiking knife and an EDC.



Kershaw Natrix

Inspired by ZT’s award-winning 0777, the Natrix is an extremely affordable SpeedSafe assisted flipper with a sub-frame lock and a newly added BlackWashed blade. Just like previous Natrix models, this version has great ergonomics and a quick deployment that adds to the overall slick design. For only $37.95, you can get a folding knife that has a look and feel similar to one of the best knives in the industry.


Victorinox Swiss Army 2018 Contest Classic Multi-Tools

The latest batch of limited edition contest classic Swiss Army multi-tools is here! Each tool features a unique design inspired by this year’s contest theme: Places of the World. These colorful collectibles are drawn from almost 900 entries worldwide. Constantly updating the designs in their multi-tool collection helps to bring new life to a time-tested classic series. These handy little knives are a great way to express yourself, and the integrated functions in each tool will make you prepared for anything.


We Knife Company 803 Rectifier Flippers



The Rectifier flipper is a tactical titan built to last, and we have a great collection that features a wide range of G10/titanium handle colors and your choice of either a black or classic two-tone blade finish. With its S35VN steel and ergonomic build, this knife has both beauty and braun.


Bark River Fixed Blades

These fixed blade knives from Bark River are perfect for the adventurer looking for tough steel and intense cutting power. You’ll have several canvas Micarta handle colors to choose from, and each one comes properly outfitted with a genuine leather sheath. Bark River Knives are designed to be used as outdoor professional knives, and their attention to detail and high quality steel back up the great reputation they’ve earned over the years.


ESEE Cody Rowen Orange G10 Camp-Lore

This highly-visible new Camp-Lore model is the smallest in the series, but don’t let its 6.25” length fool you. Designed by Cody Rowen, this bushcrafting knife is USA-strong, comes with tough 1095 carbon steel blade, and has removable orange G10 handle scales for easy maintenance. This knife is great for small tasks such as food preparation, tinder preparation, and skinning – and we love the rough Stonewash finish. If you’re an outdoorsman who wants all the benefits of a fixed blade in a compact folding knife, this is the knife for you.


Condor Tool & Knife Fixed Blades

We have four new uniquely designed fixed blades from Condor that blend cultural styling with contemporary materials. You’ll have your choice of either wood or Micarta handles, and each knife comes equipped with high quality carbon steel and a handcrafted welted sheath. With a spread like this, you’re going to have a hard time finding a job these knives can’t tackle.



Case Tony Bose Standard Jig Chestnut Bone Premium Stockman

No frills, no extras – this is a new knife that handles things the old fashioned way. The Case Tony Bose Chestnut Premium Stockman pocket knife features a 154-CM stainless steel blade that holds a great edge, and its high quality materials and build mean you’ll have a knife that stays in your family for generations. The style fits well in your hand and makes for a great EDC, but it’s also a collectible for anyone that appreciates simplicity.

Microtech Ultratech Tactical AUTO OTF

This latest iteration of Microtech’s much beloved Ultratech sports a hybrid handle with a tan G-10 front scale and black aluminum rear scale, which gives the knife a traditional style with a twist. We don’t have to tell you that this OTF automatic knife packs some serious punch.

Reate 2018 Torrent Titanium Flippers

Check out the 2018 release of Reate’s beloved Torrent model – this new version comes with Damasteel’s RWL-34 stainless steel, and the titanium handles are available with or without carbon fiber inlays. These are a great option for those that are looking for a high quality knife, but aren’t ready to jump into the world of custom and semi-custom knives.


SOG Powerpint Multi-Tool with 18 Tools

Welcome the newest member of the Power multi-tool family – considering it has 18 integrated functions and is available for only $39.95, we think it’s a pretty stellar addition. This well-engineered tool comes in at only 4.2 ounces, so you’ll avoid the hefty and uncomfortable carry of most other multitools.


Savage Forge Bottle Openers

These Jesse Savage-designed bottle openers will bring your EDC game to the next level. Hand-forged using a hammer and anvil, these USA-made tools have a traditional rod-iron finish and unique one-of-a-kind look.

There you have it – 13 new knives and tools available for the best deals at KnifeCenter! What’s your favorite? Let us know! We add new products every day, but our Monday Newsletter is saved for the best of the best. Let us know what you want to see on the blog next! Be sure to check on Thursday when we showcase some seriously sick Custom creations.

Amazing Custom Showpieces!

Every Thursday, KnifeCenter brings you the newest custom pieces from some of the most famous knifemakers in the world – and it’s slowly becoming our favorite day of the week. If you’re not signed up for our newsletter, you may be missing out on these beauties…so we’re bringing them to you here so you can experience some of the most unique pieces in the knife industry. You’ll see familiar names like Rick Hinderer and Tony Marfione in this collection, along with some pieces we fell in love with at this year’s SHOT Show.

KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the best custom knives from some of the most well known knifemakers in the world.


Strider HT Fixed Blades

The HT model was designed for belt or concealed carry, and years later it remains one of the most popular Strider models – for good reason. When it comes to all-around tactical functionality, this knife hits every ball out of the park. The addition of the gunner grip handles and M Strider blade marking make it even better and even more collectible.


Marfione Custom Knives Black DLC Warhound Flipper

The Warhound is one of those custom knives that every collector should experience at least once. The combination of size, strength, brute power, and a devastating tactical look coming from Tony and Sean Marfione is unmatched in the industry.


Rick Hinderer Production Firetac Folders

Harkening back to a time before flipper tabs, the Firetac is one of Rick’s oldest folding designs. Great news, it’s back and better than ever! This knife is a thin and lightweight tactical or EDC option with a replaceable lockbar insert and overtravel arrestor to ensure years of hard use.


RMJ Wyvern Swords 

Is it a short sword? Is it a beastly machete? To be honest, it’s a lot of both and probably the best looking survival tool money can buy. Designed for chopping and bushcraft, the Wyvern will demolish anything in its path and catch the eye of any who see it.


Todd Begg Steelcraft Field Marshalls

Available in a number of distinct finishes and Damasteel patterns, the Field Marshall bridges the gap between mid-tech and custom unlike anything before it. Whether you need a tactical tool, EDC utility piece, survival tool, or even safe queen, these are some of the last Field Marshalls available to fill those needs.


Zero Tolerance 0393 and 0609 Flippers

It was love at first sight when we saw these two ZTs at SHOT Show, and they’re some of the most anticipated new releases of the year. The 0609 is a smaller version of the coveted Factory Custom 0606, and it comes with a beautifully anodized bronze titanium handle and RJ Martin signature see-through pivot. The 0393, a new collaboration with Rick Hinderer that’s inspired by his famous Eklipse, is a USA-made workhorse that features a harpoon-style spanto blade. We’ll be honest – it’s one of the most beautiful knives we’ve ever seen.


We have Firetacs with “working finish” blades and something pretty special from Mikkel Willumsen coming next week. Meanwhile, the Stray Cat Knives we promised you so long ago will be made live before the next customs newsletter, so keep your eyes peeled. We get new Customs and Mid-Techs in every day, so please email us at with any inquiries. Don’t forget to let us know what list you’d like to see next!

Five Must-Haves for a Cinco de Mayo Party

It’s that time of year again! While we celebrate this historically significant holiday a bit differently in the US, Cinco de Mayo is a day that commemorates the Mexican Army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. You’ve most likely been to a Cinco de Mayo party or two, so you know that most Americans use this as a day to honor Mexican-American culture. What does all that mean in a nutshell? Delicious food, cerveza, and festivities.

We want to help you ring in the holiday right – so we have five must-haves for your next Cinco de Mayo party that will keep the fun going all night long. KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes cool party gear and kitchen knives from some of the most well known knife manufacturers in the world.


Brous Blades BMT Multi-Tool



What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you picture a Cinco de Mayo party? Tasty beer. For those of us who pass on the tequila and margaritas and head straight for a Tecate or Dos Equis, you’re going to need a bottle opener – but why stop there? This USA-made multi-tool has a key ring, a pry bar, a nail puller, a screwdriver, a gradual hex driver, and a bottle opener. It’s also made with high quality D2 Tool Steel, so you’re going to be popping caps all night without damaging your new best friend.


Morakniv Chef’s Knife



The only thing better than delicious beer is delicious food, and Mexican-style dishes are a staple for any good Cinco de Mayo party. This Swedish Made Chef’s Knife is a great addition to your kitchen, and the double molded rubber handle will help you maintain a firm grip while you’re dicing peppers. The high carbon stainless steel on this heavy duty chopper will also keep your knife from rusting, which is perfect for slicing acidic foods like garlic and onions for salsa.


UST Ultimate Survival SlothSak Self-Inflating Chair



This inflatable chair is perfect for chilling by a bonfire or sitting around in the backyard between tequila shots. With its low weight of only 1.13 pounds, you’ll never have an issue carrying it between fiestas. You can tie down and secure the SlothSak in place, so there’s no need to worry about wind or other outdoor conditions that may make it uncomfortable to sit out under the stars. In the event you get the spins, there’s a large buckle with reinforced stitching that will keep you secure. You can also get this fun outdoor accessory in orange or blue.



Rick Hinderer Knives Brass Double Shot Glass



Speaking of tequila, you’ll need a shot glass! This double shot glass from Rick Hinderer may be pricey, but it’s also a semi-custom design that will be a definite conversation starter. This is 100% solid brass with a gorgeously textured grip, which will definitely elevate your Cinco de Mayo experience to the next level with its quality craftsmanship. Also, no matter how many shots you take, you’ll be able to keep a firm grip on this party treasure.


Spyderco SpyderThrowers



These Spyderco world-class throwing knives were designed by Harald Moeller and come in small, medium, and large sets. They are two-toned, dagger-style throwers that would make a great addition to any party. We think it goes without saying, but don’t drink and throw! This unique party game will definitely set your gathering apart from the rest, and because there are sets of every hand-size you won’t have any attendees left out of the fun.


There you have it – five must-haves for ringing in Cinco de Mayo this year. How are you celebrating? Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family. Let us know what kind of list you’d like to see next!

Enter the Showcase: Custom & Mid-Tech Treasures

It’s that time of the week again – we’re showing off some seriously sick custom knives from Rod Olson, Tony Marfione, and Robert Oldaker. We’ve even featured a tactical beard comb in this collection, which is certainly not something you’ll see every day!

KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the best custom knives from some of the most famous knifemakers in the world.

Rod Olson Custom JV Gemini Flipper

The JV Gemini from Jared Van Otterloo and Rod Olson is a near-perfect knife. This flipper features a beautiful Damasteel blade, a nicely contoured titanium handle, and amazingly smooth and precise action. Incredible fit, finish, and function are words that not only describe Ron’s work, but also the way of life he’s built making knives for 40 years.


Olamic Cutlery Custom Busker Front Flippers

The Busker is a knife built for fidgeters, but we think it’s also a great way to express your personal style since almost every model is a one-off. That’s true of all the knives in this collection – each one has its own unique style with small embellishments we know you’ll love.


Menovade STUFF Friction Folder

This robust slipjoint from Nicholas Lin is back in stock. This folder provides a ton of cutting power in an ultra-compact design, and the linear milling pattern on the G10 scales ensures a rock-solid, two-finger grip.

Marfione Custom UTX-85 Tactical Beard Comb

Tony Marfione has teamed up with The Real McCoy (top beard oil maker) to bring you an OTF you can carry with you and use anywhere you need a quick brush. It’s the same UTX-85 model without a sharpened blade, so if you’re a fan of firing a blade back and forth endlessly consider a custom beard comb for you or a friend.


RMJ Tactical Production Jungle Combat Fixed Blades

The Jungle Combat is Ryan Johnson’s homage to the Vietnam era knife and one of our favorite new takes on a timeless classic. We loved the authenticity of the leather sheath, but the Kydex option is the more versatile choice made even better by its sub $400 price point.


New Pens from Hinderer, Darrel Ralph, and Tuff-Writer

A pen is an essential part of any EDC, so why not add some tactical functionality to what you’re already carrying? We have some of the industry’s best here, and for the money, there isn’t a better tactical pen on the market than the Aluminum Investigator from Rick Hinderer.


Robert Oldaker Custom Gladius Flippers

The Gladius was the first ever custom release for Robert Oldaker, named for its tanto edge shape that’s very reminiscent of a Roman Gladius. It’s tactical, beautiful, manufactured with outstanding quality, and we’re taking $100 off each model to entice you to give this new brand a shot. You won’t regret it!


SIG Sauer Knives by Hogue

SIG Sauer and Hogue are names synonymous with the gun industry, but they’ve teamed up once again to bring you a new take on an excellent line of knives. These beauties are perfect for the SIG guys among us.


We have production Firetac Spear Points and Spantos from Rick Hinderer coming soon! We’ll also have a large shipment from Mick Strider that we’re very excited to share. We get new Customs and Mid-Techs every day, so please email us at with any inquiries. What Customs do you want to see us showcase next?

Taking Tactical to a Whole New Level

It’s time to get tactical. Self-defense is a no-brainer – why not make it easier with one of these high quality tools? We have knives from popular brands like Zero Tolerance and Cold Steel in this list, as well as a production version of a custom karambit from Richard Derespina we think you’ll love.

KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the best tactical knives from some of the most famous knifemakers in the world.


Zero Tolerance 0770 Flippers

ZT’s 0770 was inspired by their award-winning 0777, and is a smaller assisted opening version that gives you the same solid performance of its predecessor. All of our models feature premium S35VN steel, and you have your choice of either carbon fiber or anodized aluminum handles.


Kizer Cutlery Pinkerton Little River Bowie Fixed

The Little River Bowie is a cool fixed blade with dependable 1095 carbon steel, black G10 handle scales, and a sleek Dirk Pinkerton design. This robust knife comes with a compact profile that makes it functional and easy to carry. Did we mention the ultra-tactical black-on-black color scheme?


Browning Knives Black Label Crack Down Assisted Folder

The Crack Down has a solid, no-nonsense build and sleek design that’s a steal at only $37.95. It’s a great assisted folder with textured G10 scales and finger grooves that guarantee a super secure grip. No silly bells and whistles – this tactical knife is simple in the best way.


Cold Steel Urban Edge Push Daggers

Cold Steel is the purveyor of some of the finest production push knives on the market right now, offering razor sharp edges and letting you maintain control thanks to those excellent ergonomics. The Urban Edge, specifically, delivers that same self-defense practicality you expect, but its size and shape grant additional versatility as a useful everyday carry cutting tool.


Pro-Tech Stiletto Automatic Folders

These semi-custom, USA-made stiletto automatic folding knives range from high end models to more affordable variations. Our large selection features great steel, cool handles, and many interesting touches that give each knife their own unique look and style.


Benchmade Mini Presidio II AUTO Folder

This new Benchmade Mini Presidio II is a great automatic knife that features a CPM S30V steel blade and a lighter, more concealable design. This variation has an ergonomic black aluminum handle with a milled texture that will give you an ultra secure grip.


Derespina Production Model 10 Karambit Fixed Blade

We think the Model 10 Karambit is one of the best CQC knives ever designed by Richard Derespina, and it’s one of the most deadly in the hands of a trained user. Now you don’t have to wait for one of his rare custom knives – this production version features the same materials at a fraction of the price of the original.


Weapons Care Tools


These care tools will ensure that your weapon gives you the best possible performance in the field. This selection ranges from inexpensive maintenance kits to high quality equipment for heavy duty cleaning.


Love what you see? Sign up for our newsletters and you’ll get lists like this every week with some of the best tactical knives and outdoor knives, as well as brand new items every Monday. What list do you want to see next?

Incredible Custom Masterpieces from Legendary Knifemakers!

Customs, customs – read all about it! Seriously, you should read this list…it’s full of incredible custom pieces from Jason Guthrie, Custom Knife Factory, Naylor Forge, Sal Manaro, and Shirogorov. We know shelling out the cash for one of these masterpieces may seem daunting, but we do have payment plans available. Because of their stellar quality and premium materials, having one of the knives from this list means you have a knife for life.

KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the best custom knives from some of the most famous knifemakers in the world.


Jason Guthrie Custom Scout Folder

The Scout is a smaller version of Jason Guthrie’s Ranger model, yet all aspects of this folding knife are just as capable as the original. It’s perfect for everyday carry with its minimalistic construction, and will shine as an outdoor hunting or backpacking utility tool. This folder sports a “classic tactical” appearance with clean lines, high tech components, and a shape anyone and everyone will find appealing.


Custom Knife Factory Aich Flippers

The CKF Aich is built with premium materials and a Malyshev design anyone will appreciate. This flipper offers a dramatic look and top-of-the-line performance. It’s relatively compact in stature, but it fills the hand extremely well and flips like butter on 2-row ceramic bearings.


Naylor Forge Custom Fixed Blade

Naylor Forge is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Artist Blacksmith Shop that specializes in traditionally made and styled knives. This hunting and tactical fixed blade has a stout build quality and real workman type attitude.


Sal Manaro Custom Non-Magnetic Bullseye

This USA-made Bullseye’s blade is made of Boye Dendritic Cobalt – a super performing, investment cast, non-rusting cobalt alloy. It excels on tough fibers such as hi-tech rigging line, deck and anchor line, and net. Not a steel, the cobalt alloy cuts aggressively (and keeps cutting), is completely impervious to seawater corrosion, and is non-magnetic. This knife is ideal for a number of us out there that neglect even our most expensive blades.


Shirogorov F95R and Hati R Flippers

These folders are variations of the F95 flipper that put Shirogorov on the map for the US market. The Hati is a half-titanium model with a blue twill presentation scale that is remarkably lightweight, while the F95R features a different mill pattern to bring a new look to an excellent design.


We’ll have new customs coming soon: Stray Cat Custom Fixed Blades, Microtech Signature Series Hellhound Tanto Ultratechs, and a couple of custom pieces from Chad Nell and Rod Olson. What’s your favorite custom from this collection? We get new Customs and Mid-Techs in every day, so please email us at with any inquiries. Don’t forget to share this post, and let us know what you’d like to see from us next! 

Eight Outdoor and Survival Essentials for Spring!

There’s finally a light at the end of the snow tunnel – and this time, spring really IS nearly here. Check out these eight outdoor and survival essentials that should definitely make an appearance in your pack this season.

KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the best survival knives and outdoor tools from some of the most well known knife brands in the world.


Kershaw Reverb Folding Knife

This manual opener is a lightweight outdoor knife that can easily be deployed with one hand, and it comes with a built-in carabiner clip. The Reverb’s two-tone sheepsfoot blade has a sharp edge, and the handle’s G10 scales and carbon fiber overlay give it a nice textured grip.


Ken Onion Knifeworks Special Edition Hunting/Fishing/Skinning Bird and Trout Knife

Proudly made in the USA, this special edition fixed blade knife from Ken Onion is a semi-custom design that has a DLC coated blade and polished black G10 handle. The ergonomics and quality materials of this knife make it one of the best performing field knives in the industry.


Condor Tool & Knife Heavy Duty Kukri

This Joe Flowers-designed fixed blade Kukri knife from Condor is a more affordable variation of their K-TACT Kukri. You’ll still get the same overall length with a 1075 high carbon steel blade and bead blasted finish, but with a new Walnut Wood handle and lighter weight.


United Cutlery Gil Hibben Triple Thrower Set

Based on Gil Hibben’s own karate knife design, these throwing knives are a fun way to spend a day in your backyard and can also be used as hunting tools. For less than forty bucks, you’ll have one of the most popular throwing knife sets around.


Spyderco Harpy Folding Knife

The Harpy’s curved hawkbill blade is fully serrated VG-10 steel, so pulling cuts will be more controlled when you’re dealing with rope, line, webbing, or netting. This is a great folding knife with a solid lockup that can rival the performance of many pricier outdoor knives.


Cold Steel Roach Belly Fixed Blade

The Roach Belly was a popular 17th century blade style known for its versatility, economy, and effectiveness.  This model gives you decent steel for only $14.95, and the high impact polypropylene handle will deliver great all-weather performance.


Schrade Outdoor Kit Emergency and Survival Tool Kit

This is a great all-in-one kit for budding survivalists and seasoned outdoorsmen. This survival kit includes a folding saw, axe head, shovel head, survival pick head, and a rubberized 2-piece hollow handle for additional supply storage – all neatly contained in a sturdy polyester case.


UST Delta Windmill Stormproof Lighter

This rugged outdoor lighter works when wet, lights up to 30,000 times, and can withstand 80 MPH winds. Watertight and impact-resistant, the tough elastomer armor ensures reliable performance and the lighter has an easy one-handed operation.


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