Gerber Axle Detachable Headlamp
Gerber Axle Detachable Headlamp
Gerber has produced a very cool headlamp with their new AXLE. It comes with a band ad it is detachable so that it can clip onto your cap or anywhere you find it is needed. Well made and it has both red and white LED bulbs. It uses commonly found AAA batteries. You can find them at
Here is the information from Gerber Knives:

Three lights in one: Cap, Pocket-Clip or Headlamp. Can switch between two colors: Bright white for maximum visibility or red to preserve night vision, with no additional parts. Headlamp bracket developed with a 30 degree angle to reduce user neck fatigue. Lightweight, compact design that used commonly available AAA batteries.


* Three lights in one: cap light, headlamp or pocket clip
* White and Red L.E.D.

* Pivoting head moves 90 degrees to provide light where most needed
* Water Resistant


* Overall Length: 2.375″ (with the head bent)
* Weight: 3 oz
* Batteries: AAA (3)
* Run Time: White- 7 hrs, Red- 10 hrs
* Lumens: White- 40, Red- 6.5
* Body Construction: Polycarbonate/ ABS Construction
* Setting: Steady On

* Made in China