Kyocera Advanced Ceramics Ceramic Adjustable Grinder
Kyocera Advanced Ceramics Ceramic Adjustable Grinder
Kyocera has a lot of great ideas. Using a ceramic mechanism for a pepper mill is absolutely one of them./ Having metal workings has never particularly appealed to me, although I considered it a necessity. The ceramic is harder than steel and works cleaner and will absolutely leave less residue on anything you grind. These are also very reasonably priced.
Here is the whole pitch from Kyocera:

For over 20 years, Kyocera advanced ceramic kitchen tools have been making it fast and easy to prepare meals. Thanks to advanced ceramic surfaces, peeled apples won’t brown and graters won’t rust. Our slicers don’t need require set-up and our grinders won’t leave a mess on countertops. Save time using these efficient, rust-free peelers, slicers, graters, and grinders for that prep task at hand.

This versatile mill provides an adjustable dial that allows fine to coarse grinds, while the cap keeps spices dry in humid conditions. The grinding mechanism is made from an advanced ceramic close in hardness to diamond that will never rust providing flavorful results and ultra long-life performance. Excellent for sea salt, rock salt, wet salt, peppercorns and seeds. The clever upright design of the mill will keep your shelves & counters clean from residual grinds. The re-usable glass container is dishwasher safe. Grinder: Advanced Ceramic. Container: Glass. Made in Japan.