Marbles Machetes and Machete Sheaths
Marbles Machetes and Machete Sheaths
Marbles makes a great new entry into the machete market! These are well designed and well made – and well priced! They are made in El Salvador as are Condor machete products. You can list all of our machetes and clearing tools at
Here is some info from Marbles:
Marbles Machetes with orange finish blade. Natural wood handle. Sheath sold separately. Made in El Salvador.

The Legacy Lives On

Marble’s® products have been highly sought by serious sportsmen for more than a century. Webster Marble understood the needs of the outdoorsmen and used innovative concepts and the best materials available to make sporting equipment that was both practical and durable.

Webster Marble is widely credited with designing and producing the first knife made especially for hunting; an accomplishment that earned him the title “Father” of the modern hunting knife. His “Safety Axe”, designed with a guard that folded into the handle, was both unique and efficient and is still being made and used today. It’s true, you will find a bit of history in every blade. But the history is not only limited to knives and axes.

The history of Marble’s Compasses dates to 1900 and have been carried by famous explorers and Presidents.