Boker belgian Whetstone Blue 5000 Grit
New Boker Belgian Whetstone Blue!

Dad been a little “dull” lately? Maybe it’s time to “whet” his appetite for sharpening. We are really “keen” on this new Belgian Blue Whetstone from Boker. At a grit of 5000, it is a perfect companion for their yellow Ardennes stone. It does not require oil, and it is a pleasure to use. A gift sure to “edge” out anything else your Dad might get for Father’s day this year!

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More information from Boker:

Exclusive traditional whetstone from a small area in the Belgian Ardennes. Proven for generations, and famous for the unique material used, efficiency, and perfect results.

The blue Belgian whetstone features a content of garnet of 30% and sharpens a little slower than the yellow whetstone. The thicker natural layers allow larger whetstone sizes. Individual shaping is possible. 5000 grit. Comes in an attractive wooden box.


Length: 8″
Width: 2-1/2″
Thickness: 3/4″
Weight: 23 oz
Made in Solingen, Germany.