Mil-Comm Products Company Extreme Performance Lubricants
Mil-Comm Products Company is well known in Military/Law Enforcement circles but remains a hidden treasure on the consumer market. Their variety of lubricant products protect everything from your firearm to you fishing pole, to your security locks. They’ve got light grease, oil, heavy bearing grease, and cleaner/degreaser – everything you may need for any kind of part or job. Their products are so well respected, they’re used by manufactures including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Sig Sauer, and are the recommended lubricants by the NRA. All products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and most importantly – made in the USA. Check out this awesome new line at

Makers of The World’s Ultimate, Extreme Performance Lubricants
Mil-Comm Products Company is a world leader in the engineering and manufacture of extreme performance lubricants serving the military, law enforcement, security hardware, marine and specialty manufacturing markets.
Our proprietary products are used by all branches of the U.S. Military…by manufacturers including Boeing, BAE, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and others. In law enforcement, we serve officers of The FBI…U.S. Secret Service…Department of Homeland Security…U.S. Marshals…U.S. Customs…U.S. Border Patrol…ATF…and more than 200 State, County and Local police agencies.
Our international user community includes U.S. Allied Militaries including the U.K. Ministry of Defense, Belgian Air Force, French Air Force, Finnish Air Force, Italian Navy, Greek Navy, Norwegian Air Force, Portuguese Air Force, Royal Canadian Military, Royal Netherlands Air Force and Singapore Air Force.
MIL-COMM has a growing presence in domestic and global consumer markets.
We manufacture the top-performing lubricant for fishing reel assemblies, serving the world’s leading manufacturers of fishing reels in their Pacific Rim factories. The REEL SAVER product line is also a preferred brand among retailers and sport fisherman.
Our recently introduced LOCK SAVER lubricant line is rapidly becoming a successful premium brand in the security hardware market.
Our core formula – TW25B™ — is a preferred, worldwide brand for extreme performance applications in the harshest operating conditions.
Engineeers and manufactures all-synthetic extreme performance lubricants distributed in the U.S. and internationally;
Markets proprietary, PTFE-based synthetic lubricant blends engineered to work in extreme climate and weather environments, including saltwater, sand, high humidity and extreme temperatures (-90 F to +450 F).
Supports mission-critical performance in Advanced Weapons Systems and provides superior reliability in Firearms, Security Hardware, Fishing/Marine, Industrial and Household applications.
Holds 20 National Stock Numbers (NSNs) awarded by the U.S. Department of Defense.
Serves the U.S. Armed Forces as a sole-source supplier of “critical weapons applications” material.
Founded by retired U.S. Navy gunnery officer Robert G. Furlong in 1985, Mil-Comm Products Company, Inc. has formulated and sold its unique extreme performance lubricants primarily to the United States Military for use on the most critical performance hardware. United States Air Force F-15 and F-16 gun systems rely on Mil-Comm lubrication technology for mission-critical performance. Mil-Comm’s original formula, TW25B, and its derivatives are currently the preferred lubricant treatments on weapons deployed by the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy.
Mil-Comm has invested more than 20 years in research and development that has resulted in extreme performance lubricant formulas unrivaled for their performance features. In 2004, Mil-Comm’s lubricants, TW25B, MC2500 and MC3000, earned their unique pedigree when Mil-Comm was awarded a highly competitive, ten-year, sole-source contract from the United States Department of Defense.
Many law enforcement agencies, firearms trainers and weapons manufacturers — including SigArms/SigSauer, Glock, ParaOrdnance, Knight’s Armaments and many others — variously specify or approve TW25B™ for use.
During the 1990’s, Mil-Comm introduced its high performance, specialized lubricants to the fishing and boating industries with the establishment of the Reel Saver, Line Saver and Boat Saver brands.
Recently, the Federal Bureau of Prisons and other law enforcement entities adopted Mil-Comm’s specialized lubricants for use on everything from handcuffs to prison locks. In 2005, Mil-Comm Products Company, Inc. introduced Lock Saver, a specially formulated high performance lubricant and protectant specifically designed for the intricate internal mechanism of locks. Lock Saver is now marketed nationally through leading distributors in the security hardware industry.
All of our products are thoroughly non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Wherever reliability and extreme performance are mission critical, Mil-Comm Products Company has a solution.