SureFire Saint LED Headlamp
SureFire Saint LED Headlamp
Surefire Lights does it again.
Surefire Lights delivers the second of their Headlamps. This is the mother of all headlamps. This is what happens when Surefire builds a headlamp. This is the headlamp you want if your life is on the line. Output from 0 to 100 LED powered lumens, at the twist of a dial. Ability to run on multiple battery configurations–both quantity and type–than can power it from 6 to 144 hours. It is built from light but tough materials, ready to withstand whatever you put it through. After all, it is a Surefire...
Surefire Lights has the following information for this product:
Saint is a virtually indestructible headlamp with a wide yet powerful beam that’s optimized to match your field of vision. Saint is controlled by a variable light output dial designed for one-handed use, even with fingers that are cold or gloved, enabling you to dial it up or down from 0 to 100 lumens with a simple twist. Cut from hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum, Saint is built to survive season after season yet it’s still lightweight. Its comfortable headband features moisture wicking Breathe-O-Prene pads that provide unmatched comfort and dryness. And Saint is dual-fuel capable, operating on one, two, or three 123A lithium batteries or two AA alkaline batteries. Also included is a single-battery adapter cap that holds one lithium battery and screws directly into Saint‘s light assembly, replacing the battery pack/cable system and making Saint lighter. This is the no-holds barred headlamp you’d expect from SureFire.


* High-performance LED, in concert with proprietary refractive optic, produces a smooth, powerful beam optimized to your field of vision
* Variable light output dial permits selection of 0 to 100 lumens of output with one hand
* Hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum housing is lightweight yet tough
* Dual-fuel battery pack utilizes one, two, or three 123A lithium or two AA alkaline batteries
* Custom-made headband built for comfort, durability, and to provide a secure fit with or without a helmet.
* Top strap clicks on and off easily
* Breathe-O-Prene pads fit comfortably against forehead and the occipital protuberance while wicking away moisture, and are removable for washing
* Includes three high-energy 123A batteries with 10-year shelf life
* Backed by SureFire’s No-Hassle Guarantee


* Output:
o High: 100 lumens
o Low: 1 lumen
* Runtime:
o High Setting: 6 hours
o Low Setting: 144 hours
* Weight: 9.4 ounces with batt. Batteries:
* Three 123A lithiums (included) or two AA Alkalines (not included)
* Made in USA