Boker Applegate Fighting Knife

Boker Applegate Fighting Knife

Colonel Rex Applegate’s legacy lives on in this intricate, superiorly manufactured Boker Applegate 6″ Commemorative Fighting Knife. With its beautiful rosewood handle, mirror polished 154CM steel blade, individual serialization and certificate of authenticity, this would be a great knife for your collection. There is only 199 pieces available in the U.S. market so get one today at

Medford Knife and Tool – Amazing!

medfordblogMedford Knife and Tool – Amazing!

We’ve had Medford products for several weeks now and I haven’t gotten around to a Blog post- because they have been coming and going out in a fast and furious fashion. These combat knives and folding knives are amazing– they are strong, well made and well designed and not inexpensive- and the public loves them. We ordered them back in January and they finally arrived in July, and this is the typical lead time on these items. They are absolutely worth the wait. The whole operation is a reflection of the creators, Greg and Amy Medford in Phoenix, AZ. These two are dynamic, high spirited, fun and creative individuals with a real passion for the product and the business. They have an amazing process for each knife that includes fully hand grinding each blade and fitting each knife together to the utmost perfection. The fit and finish on these workhorse big, honkin’ knives is superb. The materials are great and the the packaging is super professional. We see a lot of products come through the Knifecenter, but the Medfords have really raised the bar in all these respects. Look for great things in the future with a quicker production cycle, but the knives will never be better than they are now. They may have automatic grinders in their production down the road, but now everything is ground by hand. You may regret not getting these early models.

CHAOS Combat Knives from Cold Steel

Cold Steel Chaos Series of Combat KnivesCHAOS Combat Knives from Cold Steel
These new Chaos models from Cold Steel Knives feel like the ultimate combat knives. Especially the double edged dagger, these are just awesome fighting tools. The handle is solid and threatening with a steel knuckle guard and a solid skull crusher on the rear end. With that and the very solid grip and long blade, this could be the most effective fighting knife we have seen.

New Condor Barong Machete

Condor Tool and Knife Barong Machete Carbon Steel Fixed Blade
New Condor Tool and Knife Barong Machete!

The Filipino Barong Machete is a great choice for several reasons. It is longer than most fighting knives without being measurably heavier – making it a favorite of martial arts folks. It’s a very easy and effective weapon to wield. It is also a favorite of outdoorsmen in the know, as it is weighted towards the front of the blade, making it great for clearing foliage tirelessly.

You can see them at

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Columbia River M6014NKI Medium Size Combat Fixed Blade

Columbia River M6014NKI Medium Size Combat Fixed Blade
SPECIAL! Columbia River M6014NKI Medium Size Combat Fixed Blade
Columbia River Knife and Tool has had some great knives though the years. The M60 series of combat knives were some of them but they are now mostly unavailable. The M6014 is the smaller size fixed blade, but it has all the bells and whistles and we got some in at a fantastic price. These have the inscription “Operation Iraqi Freedom Certified” on the blade. The sheath is really a deluxe combat Nylon model with a lot of attachment options. So, with this closeout sale, you get a well designed and well made combat knife with a 4.5″ Tanto partially serrated blade made of AUS 8 stainless, a top quality combat sheath all at the amazing price of $32.95. These can, of course, be used for a wide variety of applications- they are easy to carry and lightweight and so they will work well for camping and hiking. This is a special purchase, so grab one (or more!) if it suits you. We’ll feature them on a sale list next week and may sell through quickly, but the blog readers deserve a few days lead time on this great deal.
You can see them at
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KA-BAR Big Brother Fighting Utility Knives

KA-BAR Big Brother Fighting Utility Knives
KA-BAR Big Brother Fighting Utility Knives
Ka-Bar Knives have been a fixture on the world combat knife stage since WWII. They’ve steadily expanded their offerings and now they are offering “super-sized” versions of two of their best sellers. These are monster combat knives with 9-1/2″ long blades and they’ve added a long sharpened and serrated section on the top of the blade for extra utility. These are a great idea! You can see both models at
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Smith & Wesson GuideMaster Economy Fixed Blade Combat Knife $12.95

Smith and Wesson Guide Master
Smith & Wesson Guide Master Economy Fixed Blade Combat Knife $12.95
This is a cheap knife. We don’t often try to sell a product by proclaiming it a cheap knife, but we feel that this one is a decent value. It’s a single piece of steel and so it is not likely to fail in it’s mission – it won’t easily break. It has a decent sheath and it is only $12.95. I wouldn’t carry it as my primary weapon in any mission critical situation, but it will serve as a backup. You can see them at
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Gerber Guardian Back-Up Tanto Boot Knife

Gerber Guardian Back-Up Tanto Boot Knife
Gerber Guardian Back-Up Tanto Boot Knife
Gerber Knives has produced the Guardian combat knife forever- it was one of their original combat knives. It has been a mainstay of militaries worldwide for decades. Now, they have released a tanto version. Boot knives have kinda taken a back seat to neck knives in recent years as the back-up knife of choice. Gerber thought it was time to re-visit the boot knife, and bring some of the neck knife styling cues to the other end of your person. They also made sure it was still all Gerber. The Guardian Back-Up Tanto is a perfect low profile boot knife, and it is also very user friendly. The handle is all-weather grip-able, and the sheath tension is adjustable.
You can see this new Gerber Guardian Combat Knife at
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Spyderco Warrior Combat Knife Black Blade

Spyderco Knives Warrior Combat Knife in Black
Spyderco Warrior Combat Knife Black Blade
Spyderco’s version of the Al Mar Warrior is a proud reflection of the original. Now they have brought out a full black-out version for covert applications. This is a radical combat weapon, and has stood the test of time… pound for pound, there is not a more effective tool of the trade on the market.
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2010 Boker Plus Collection Knife David Broadwell

Boker Fixed Blade Knife
2010 Boker Plus Collection Knife designed by David Broadwell
This fixed blade collector’s knife from BokerPlus is amazing. These large knives are made of high quality steel and each is serialized.
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