5.11 ATAC Tactical Flashlights

5.11 ATAC Tactical Flashlights

We’ve carried 5.11 Tactical products for several years here at KnifeCenter-until this point, it’s been mostly tactical knives-but now they’ve added their new line of ATAC LED flashlights, and there’s a lot to like!

Machined from aerospace-grade aluminum, ATAC flashlights are water-resistant, drop-resistant, and all but the PLx offer 3 lighting modes: high intensity (103-222 lumens depending on model), ultra-low intensity (10-15 lumens depending on model), and disorientation/strobe mode (high intensity).

Whether you use them on the battlefield, at the campsite, or around the house, these tough lights provide outstanding functionality at a great value! Check them out at www.knifecenter.com! Information on individual models below the break.

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New SureFire Stratum LED Flashlight

SureFire Tactical LED Flashlight
New SureFire Stratum Variable-Output LED Flashlight!

There is a reason why SureFire is the choice of Military and Law Enforcement professionals, as well as serious outdoor enthusiasts. Their flashlights are designed smart, built tough, and are unparalleled when it comes to performance under duress. The Stratum is your chance to own SureFire’s professional level three stage LED light with output at the 5, 50, and 160 lumen level, articulated by a tail-cap switch, and is rated for 75 hours of useful runtime on a set of batteries.

You can see them at www.knifecenter.com

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Olight M30 Triton 700 Max Lumen LED Flashlight

Olight M30 Triton 700 Max Lumen LED Flashlight
Olight M30 Triton 700 Max Lumen LED Flashlight
Olight brand is coming on strong- we haven’t seen any LED as bright as this new player. 700 Lumens! This flashlight is well made and takes your choice of batteries- either 3 or 4 -123 lithiums- there is a body extender included in the plastic case the light comes in. Or 2 X 18650 batteries. Lots of features on this light. It really isn’t a bad deal for what you get. You can see the Olights at: www.knifecenter.com
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