Hardcore Hardware Australia in the House!

Hardcore Hardware Australia in the House!

The tides of the fixed blade knife are a-changing and Hardcore Hardware Australia is riding that wave and doing it very well. These days people are flocking to the larger, bulkier knives that have a multitude of uses beyond cutting. They want to be able to chop, pry, split, saw, dig, hammer, break, etc. from a single tool that they always have at their side. Much like Mercworx, Robson RPW, and Medford Knives, these are meant for battlefield use and hard use at that. All blades and tactical axes are made from Teflon coated D2 tool steel and measure at least 6 mm thick. This gives you peace of mind that Hardcore Hardware knives can handle what needs to be done, even if not intended to do so. Fit and finish is right up there with Spartan Blades when it comes to fixed knives, they are just perfectly ground, honed, and assembled to give you a tool that will last years. Check out this newest bomb proof line of knives at www.knifecenter.com.

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EDC i.e. Every Day Carry

EDC i.e. Every Day Carry

EDC is an acronym that’s been gaining momentum in popularity the past couple years and it stands for Every Day Carry. It refers to those items you don’t leave home without and always carry with you wherever you go. They can be be as simple as your keys and wallet or as complex as a bail-out-bag with hundreds of items. You can carry these items simply in your pockets or purse or can have a devoted bag/pack to hold them, depending on how much you carry. There is no magic formula for your EDC items, just a snapshot of what you need each and every day. Here’s a what I’ve got in my pockets right now, much of which you can find at www.knifecenter.com.

The Mad Blacksmith Arrives at the KnifeCenter

The Mad Blacksmith Arrives at the KnifeCenter


The Mad Blacksmith, better known as Jared West, has a distinct style unlike any other. From his knife designs to his other far out products, you will find a cool new item you know you need but never thought would be a reality. The City Dweller Pen Lanyards are just that sort of item. The idea is to disguise the fact that you have a knife by attaching a lanyard with a 2-1/2″ piece resembling a pen. The execution is the key here and these well done products function exactly as designed. Tie the 550 paracord through the lanyard hole, clip it in the pocket and it’ll be nearly impossible to tell you’ve got a knife on you at all. The Mad Blacksmith stands up for your rights to carry a knife without unwarranted attention or accusation. Check out these bold new lanyards at www.knifecenter.com.

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AITOR Castor Knives – Simple Yet Effective

Aitor Castor Knives- Simple Yet Effective

AITOR is a new brand for us here at the KnifeCenter, all the way from Spain. The Castor knife is a folding everyday carry slipjoint in a typical Spanish style. The carbon steel leaf shaped blade is full flat ground, reminiscent of many Spydercos, which makes it a superb slicer. The handles are beautiful Bubinga wood, functionally designed, and contoured for an excellent fit in the hand. Available in three sizes, each knife is designed exactly the same, only about 0.4″ difference in the blade length. The Castor knives from AITOR are great utility tools at an excellent price, check them out at www.knifecenter.com.

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New Lower Pricing for SureFire Flashlights and Tools

New Lower Pricing for SureFire Flashlights and Tools

SureFire Flashlights are widely considered top of the line in lighting products and as the old adage goes; you get what you pay for. Not anymore! For 2012, the KnifeCenter has lowered prices on all SureFire products across the board. From folders to fixed bladesear-plugs to pens, and every flashlight in between, the Surefire line is now available at a reduced cost. Get one of their knives, which were recently discontinued, before they’re gone for good. This change will be permanent to all items so don’t fear but you may have some competition while we have them in stock. Now the new adage is: you get more than you pay for with Surefire products from www.knifecenter.com.

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New Allen Elishewitz Tao Tactical Pens from Columbia River

New Tao Tactical Pens from Columbia River
New Allen Elishewitz Tactical Pens from Columbia River

Pens are definitely what is hot right now, and quite a few manufacturers are getting into the pen game. One that we had been looking forward to was Columbia River because we figured that they would collaborate with someone really cool to make their pen. We were right… they have just released a pen designed by Allen Elishewitz! This is a beautiful and comfortable writing implement that is also a self-defense tool designed to be used at multiple levels of threat and response.

See these pens at www.knifecenter.com

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US Army Brand Tactical Pens

US Army Brand Tactical Pens
US Army Brand Tactical Pens – Now at Reduced Prices!
US Army brand products have been a hit since they were released earlier this year. These new writing pens with a tactical form are well made and well designed and now the best priced pens here. They are available in either brown digital camo or green digital camo. You can see them both at www.knifecenter.com
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New Benchmade Damasteel Tactical Pens

Benchmade Damasteel Tactical Pens
New Benchmade Damasteel Tactical Pens!

Benchmade was integral in elevating the pen to a tactical tool. Now they are elevating the tactical pen to a work of art. This is not the first time damascus steel has been used in the shaft of a pen, but it is the first production tactical pen to be made available in this beautiful material. As with all Benchmade pens these feature the un-equaled performance of Fisher Space Pen refills. The perfect gift for the discerning, but prepared, father!

You can see them at www.knifecenter.com

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Smith and Wesson M & P Series Pens

Smith and Wesson M and P Series Pens
Smith and Wesson M & P Series Pens
One of last year’s most popular new items was the Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen series, and we have struggled mightily to keep up with the demand. Now they have brought out their Military & Police (M & P) series of pens. The pen shaft features a knurled shaft for better grip, making it almost impossible to slip in your hand. These are still at the same low $22.95 price.
You can find the new pens at www.knifecenter.com
You can list all Smith and Wesson tactical pens at www.knifecenter.com
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BaliYo Flip Pen by Spyderco (Black) Economy Model

BaliYo Flip Pen by Spyderco Economy Model
BaliYo Flip Pen by Spyderco (Black) Economy Model – $9.95
The Spyderco Knife Company never ceases to amaze us. The BaliYo pens have always been USA made and still a bargain at $23.95. This new edition is made in China and we can sell it at $9.95!! This is an amazing offering from Spyderco Knives. You can view the Black Economy BaliYo at www.knifecenter.com
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