New Tao Tactical Pens from Columbia River
New Allen Elishewitz Tactical Pens from Columbia River

Pens are definitely what is hot right now, and quite a few manufacturers are getting into the pen game. One that we had been looking forward to was Columbia River because we figured that they would collaborate with someone really cool to make their pen. We were right… they have just released a pen designed by Allen Elishewitz! This is a beautiful and comfortable writing implement that is also a self-defense tool designed to be used at multiple levels of threat and response.

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More Information from Columbia River:

Award-winning knife designer Allen Elishewitz has lived in the Far East and has practiced martial arts over the past 30 years, including Okinawan Te, Thai Boxing, Northern Shaolin and Kali. This training, along with his experience as a Recon Marine, gave Allen the perfect background to design these defensive writing instruments, CRKT Tao Pens.

In Chinese philosophy, Tao means “the way,” the fundamental or true nature of the world. And appropriately, these pens reflect the current state of today’s world, in which a sudden, unforeseen physical attack can come at any time.

Allen notes, “These pen designs are evolutions of the custom tactical pens I have offered successfully for many years. However, they are very different from the other aggressive-looking pens and kubotans on the market, that is, they do not look threatening, but are useful high-tech writing instruments with a stylish and futuristic design.”


  • Open Overall Length: 5.75″
  • Weight: 1.7 oz.
  • Lock: 6061 Aluminum