New CAS Hanwei Military Dadao Sword

CAS Hanwei Military Dadao Sword
New CAS Hanwei Military Dadao Sword

The Dadao is a Chinese military edged weapon from the pre-WWII era. It was used by the Chinese to defend themselves during the Japanese invasion. In fact, the Dadao is credited with holding it’s own against the Katana in a battle at The Great Wall! These authentic reproductions are made by the skilled craftsmen at the Hanwei Forge in China. This is not just art for your wall, either, this sword is built to handle heavy-duty cutting.

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New Cold Steel European Style Swords

Cold Steel European Swords
New Cold Steel European Style Swords

Cold Steel has been making swords for a number of years, but have mainly focused on Asian designs such as the Katana. They have been working this year to complete their offering of battle ready European designs. We are pleased to offer such standards as the Norman sword and the Swept Hilt rapier. And, since they are Cold Steel, you know they have been tested for their ability to take use and abuse!

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Half Machete, Half Sword, All Condor

Condor Bush Cutlass Sword/Machete
New Condor Bush Cutlass Sword Machete!

It has gotten to the point where the only place a man can be swashbuckling is in his own backyard. The clever folks at Condor took their experience making all sorts of machetes, and applied it to a short sword. Now you don’t have to destroy that prized saber when there is Kudzu to hack or bamboo to beat back. The Condor Cutlass is black coated carbon steel with a plastic handle, to keep the cost down and functionality up. Oh yeah… and it is ridiculously fun to use!

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