United Cutlery Throwing Knife Sets Are Way Cool!

United Cutlery Zombie Meltdown Throwing Knife and Target Set

Throwing darts is a great leisure activity because it’s relatively easy to set up and play, there are a variety of games within the game you can play, and best of all you can have a beer while playing. Everything good about throwing darts also translates to the new zombie throwing knife and target sets from United Cutlery, except you may want to limit that beverage intake for safety sake. This product makes a game out of the art of throwing knives so you’re not just putting holes in a piece of wood, you’re actually aiming your throws and strategizing a winning formula. These amazingly cool sets come with a dozen throwing knives, specially designed target, game instruction book, and even a nylon carry case for the knives. If zombies or neon green aren’t really your thing, then the On Target sets are just as cool with their yellow or red target boards. Start on your way to hours of enjoyment and entertainment with these throwing knife and target sets available at www.knifecenter.com.

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Cold Steel 92BRG Boomerang

Cold Steel 92BRG Boomerang

Crikey! Cold Steel‘s got a new boomerang for the end of summer! It’s great for target throwing, recreation, or just controlling the wallaby squirrel population in your yard.

Constructed from tough, durable Polypropylene, throwing the 928BRG can help you hone  your hand-eye coordination, plus it’s good exercise! At 28″ overall length, this beast is not to be trifled with. Please note: this is a hunting boomerang, it is not designed to return to the thrower. Cold Steel made it to hit hard, and that’s what it does! Take a look at this boomerang, and many other Cold Steel products at www.knifecenter.com!

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New Knives from Down Under

Down Under Knives You Call That a Knife These Are Knives
Down Under Knives – You Call That a Knife?

Number 1 on the “KnifeCenter least favorite knife-themed comments list” is the venerable favorite that’s not a knife, this is a knife. Thus, it is with much groaning that I proclaim that this is a knife. Technically, these are knives would be more appropriate, since there are two models and one is a combo, but I digress. Bottom line, Down Under Knives is making some very cool, very well built product, at a very reasonable price.

See these knives at www.knifecenter.com

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Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower Throwing Knife

Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower Throwing Knife
Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower Throwing Knife
Cold Steel offers a great new product. Don’t “throw” away money on an expensive throwing knife when you can have a Cold Steel throwing knife for a great deal at the KnifeCenter. This knife is based on a popular 1950’s design, which has withstood the test of time. It is made from 1055 carbon steel, so it will continue to withstand the test of time!
They are at www.knifecenter.com
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