Benchmade 2.0GB USB Flash Bali-Drive
Benchmade 2.0GB USB Flash Bali-Drive
The first 50 state legal Bali-Song!

You already have all those files and images, but how about keeping them with you using something other than your ordinary USB drive? This Bali-USB™ drive features 2 gigabytes of storage and is pre-loaded with Benchmade computer wallpaper (in different resolutions). Best of all it is flippable and includes a locking latch.

Data storage and bali-flipping fuse creating this extremely handy 50 state legal bali-song USB flash drive. This is a fully functioning 2.0GB USB flashdrive that swings, flips and makes it easy to bring your important files anywhere. Constructed from three pieces of injection molded plastic, this little bali is tough enough for any file format you can throw at it.

Get yours while supplies last, and get one for a friend– so you don’t have to share.


* USB 2.0 Drive
* 480Mbps Transfer
* 2 Gigabytes Storage
* Flippable ABS Plastic Handles
* Locking Latch
* Pre-Loaded with Benchmade Computer Wallpaper