Our agent at the Blade show has returned and finally gotten around to writing out some of the news he found there. Here goes!

Ranger Knives has been bought by Ontario. Delivery will be more
consistent. Look for new models and new variations after the dust
settles. Stock my be hard to get on core products for the next 60 days.

Look for a new video on the history of the puukko from Kellum. We
should have it in stock within a couple weeks.

SOG will be introducing a new smaller version of the access card in
August–in will be available in black as well as a stainless finish.

Surefire has introduced a tactical pen–in a twist top style as
opposed to capped–which will be available in July we are told.

We hope to have a line of US made forged shears and scissors by the
middle of summer

Queen is launching a new collaborative series with Joe Pardue called
“Grass Roots”. The first one is due in July.

Canal Street has a “Half Moon Trapper” due some time this summer.

United is back in action, with dozens of new items due over the next
several months. From functional to fantasy, and at all price points,
it will be some exciting new products.

Spyderco has come up with a ceramic version of the Duck Foot
sharpener. It is not cheap, our selling price will be about $200,
but it is impressive in its versatile usefulness.

There will be a new small Mim Spyderfly from Spyderco–stay tuned for
more details about this. Also the trainer version of the G10 small
fly is landing in our building this week.

Kershaw previewed their OD-1 Flipper knife that has a cool, but
complicated, mechanism. it has G10 on one side of the handle, and
stainless steel on the other.
They are also introducing another new flipper knife called the Zing–
it will be available in orange and black, and is designed by RJ
Martin. No good delivery information at this time on either of these

Kershaw will have a black version of the RAM available sooner than
later. They will also introduce a new Ken Onion knife called the Rat
Pack.. It has a nice swell to the handle, and fits your hand nicely.

Lastly, Kershaw previewed a knife tentatively called the Cadre. It
uses amazing 3-D design technology and over-the-top materials. If it
gets made it will be limited in qty and high in price–both figures
in the 4-500 range.

German made Boker will go up about 5 percent in late summer so if you
are eyeing a knife from them, better not dally.

Bradley knife company will produce an automatic version of their
Alias in the next few weeks. As with all there other products, it
will be built by Benchmade.

Microtech torx tools will finally be available shortly. They will
not be cheap, and it will be a limited time of availability.

Becker Knife & Tool will finally be available this fall from KaBar.
Look for products to be released in the following order: #11, #2,
#9, #7, #3, and at some point a carbon san mai version of the #11.

KaBar will also produce a stacked leather handle version of their
popular tanto model. It will be available in both plain and part
serrated, and should be out in 30 days.