Quick takes on some Bladeshow 2009 NEWS!
Boker will offer the Batman folder that was designed by a S. African
designer. Blade is like civilian except has the inside of the batwing.
It folds really narrowly so the fit in the pocket is good. It will be
a while for production. Spyderco has some great items as usual. The Mannix 2 will be here soon. This is a heavy medium size folder with the ball lock and $120 retail – all made
in the US. 154CM hollow saber ground with jumping all around 4 way
clip. The framelock titanium handle Military, framelock sage – and
then we will see a bolt lock model- like Gerber used on the parabelum.
Creative energy may be slowing down with the economy. If you want
innovative products everyone needs to support it – buy more knives!
Crucible steel may have filed for chapter 11 protection so we may be
losing a great knife steel company.
Darryl Ralph is designing an OTF auto. We will have cuda max type opener. soon.