Boker Knives Eurofighter with Damascus Steel Blade
Boker Knives has released the Eurofighter with a damascus steel blade. This is an elegant tactical folder. The damascus was formed partially from the old German cannon Mauser BK 27. Damascus steel maker Markus Balbach is the craftsman behind the extraordinary pattern in the steel called “Great Roses”.
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The blade geometry on the Damascus Eurofighter is a modified recurved blade with a large false edge in the back. The thumb ramp can be used for powerful cutting chores, or use the index finger groove for smaller tasks, such as chopping or carving. This knife can handle any cutting task with ease. The lightweight aluminum handle is machined out of AIMg3, in three dimensions, and features an attractive wood inset. Like an aircraft, this knife is fast and powerful, due to its sleek design and lightning-fast deployment. Features liner locking mechanism, tip-up carry and lanyard hole. Blade length: 4″. Overall length: 9″. Weight: 5.7 oz.

BOKER Damascus

Damascus steel, also called “Damast” in German, is the art of welding together two very different types of steel in such a way that the finished blade eventually shows a Damascus structure throughout. Every blade is hot-welded and hand-forged into multi layer Damascus steel. No two blades are exactly alike – each one has its own unique character.