Boker Wilson Tactical Para Cord Monkey Fists Various Colors
Boker Wilson Tactical Para Cord Monkey Fists, Various Colors
There aren’t a lot of ways to “accessorize” a pocket knife. One of the few is to add a lanyard. Lanyards are functional, but they can also be cool! We think the monkey-fist is about the coolest lanyard concept. It looks cool and it is easy to grab a hold of to get your knife out of your pocket quickly. The hand-tied paracord surrounds a 3/4” chrome ball to give it weight and balance.
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Boker… in collaboration with Wilson Tactical.

A stylish addition to your favorite knife. These hand-tied Monkey Fists are assist in quickly drawing your knife from your pocket or sheath, and also make convenient extensions on zippers or keychains. The inner core is a 3/4″ chrome steel ball for ideal weight, and the surrounding paracord is hand-tied. The loop is tied in a slip knot for maximum versatility.