CarBee-Sharp Multi-Head Pocket Carbide Sharpener
CarBee-Sharp Multi-Head Pocket Carbide Sharpener
The Carbee-Sharp Pocket Sharpener is a great and small pocket sharpener from ARNO. Arno is a major tool manufacturer in France and they have produced this amazing sharpener (designed by an American!) that is effective and affordable. There are no angle guides, however, and you will have to approximate the angle but it works well for a quick edge. Here is the product description:
Take-Anywhere Carbide Sharpener Sharpens Almost Anything

Convenient & Portable

No Oil or Water Needed!

CarBee-Sharp Multi-Purpose Carbide Head for:

* Sharpening
* Edge Refining
* Brunishing

CarBee-Sharp is the most convenient sharpener you will ever own. Use dry – no oil or water is ever needed! Small enough to carry to work, in the car, biking, hiking, hunting, camping, fishing, etc. Use it to sharpen all sorts of knives, garden implements, scissors, tools, etc.
Made in France Full instructions HERE