Cold Steel Laredo Bowie
Cold Steel Laredo Bowie 10-1/2″ SK-5 High Carbon Fixed Blade>
Cold Steel Knives makes large fixed blades. The Laredo Bowie has been a feature in their selection for years and this new version is a great addition. This new Laredo Bowie has SK5 carbon steel and was probably made in Taiwan since Cold Steel Knives no longer produce the American model. It comes with a grease coating to prevent rust. They are available at
Here is the full explanation from Cold Steel.
Awesome is the only adjective that even begins to describe this Laredo Bowie. It features a long, heavy blade made from high carbon steel, which is flat ground to produce incredible cutting power and perfect balance. And, as an added bonus, it is given an absolutely ferocious cutting edge that terminates in a dagger sharp point. To further enhance its versatility and efficiency as a weapon, it sports a four and a half inch long semi-sharpened clip point that helps facilitate the deadly back cut, as well as a wide variety of more conventional cuts and stabbing attacks. The cocobolo colored Pakawood handle is as tough as it is beautiful. It is specially contoured to fit the hand like a glove and to provide a positive grip when cutting, chopping or thrusting. To keep your Laredo Bowie safely at your side and ready for action, we have provided a traditionally styled brown leather scabbard and a convenient brass belt peg so you can safely slip the sheath under your belt.


* Weight: 16.3 oz.
* Blade: 10 1/2″
* Thick: 5/16″
* Overall: 15 11/16″
* Sheath: Leather
* Steel: SK-5 High Carbon
* Faux Cocobolo Grip