Cold Steel Pendleton Custom Classic San Mai Fixed Blade

Cold Steel Pendleton Custom Classic San Mai Fixed Blade
Cold Steel Pendleton Custom Classic San Mai Fixed Blade
Cold Steel San Mai Series is famous. It’s famous for the top manufacture quality and fit and finish as well as materials and design. This small fixed blade is awesome. Cold Steel Knives has done it again! The style is “Dozier-esque” in its short and stout nature. The full tapered tang houses the Micarta handle material that sit on an ultra-slim red base. The bolster and tang are highly polishes. We have a video for this knife at it’s detail page at
Here is the information from Cold Steel:
Our president, Lynn Thompson bought the first knife that custom maker, Lloyd Pendleton ever made in 1973. Now the two friends have collaborated to produce two of Lloyd’s most popular knives, we call them the Lloyd Pendleton Hunter and Mini Hunter.

In fabricating these knives, we have tried to duplicate Lloyd’s work as accurately as possible. Both the Pendleton Hunter’s hollow ground blade and the Mini Hunter’s flat ground blade are honed to perfection. The handle’s cross sections and contours match Lloyd’s handmade knives exactly.
Pendleton Custom Classic

Whether you’re hunting the Big Five in Africa, Elk in Colorado, Moose and Bears in Alaska, or Whitetail deer in the North Forty, there aren’t many things that will enhance your hunting experience more than carrying and using this superb custom-quality hunting knife. Our Pendleton Custom Classic is a handsome reproduction of Lloyd Pendleton’s Drop Point Hunter. It has a 3 1/2″ blade with a sharp yet sturdy point for piercing and a truly razor sharp edge with plenty of belly. Its hand crafted polished blade is hollow ground from 5 mm thick VG-1 San Mai IIIĀ® stainless steel and boasts state of the art vacuum heat treatment, a sub zero quench and multiple tempering. With its tapered full tang construction and extra stout “spine” it’s virtually indestructible and, in a pinch, can double as a life saving survival knife. Lloyd’s guard and integral bolster have been exactly duplicated. Precision machined from stainless steel and skillfully polished, it features a single short quillion and a unique “thumb print” on the bolster to help protect the fingers and allow any number of grip options. The handle of the Cold Steel Pendleton is also a faithful copy of Lloyd’s original. Featuring a red fiber liner that accents the tapered tang, and twin contoured handle scales made of highly polished black linen micarta with six stainless retaining pins. A heavy pouch style sheath is included. It’s made from brown cowhide with a thick welt and sturdy stitching and is wet molded to fit each knife. It covers two thirds of the handle so your knife is held secure and won’t “pop out” inadvertently.


* Weight: 7.1 oz.
* Blade Thickness: 5 mm
* Blade Length: 3 1/2″
* Steel: VG-1 San Mai IIIĀ®
* Handle: 4 3/4″ Long. Polished Black Linen Micarta w/ Stainless Bolster
* Overall: 8 1/4″
* Leather Sheath

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