This weekend our special is a two pack of Paraframe knives from Gerber. The Paraframe line has been a Gerber mainstay for years, and at less than twenty dollars this package represents a pretty tremendous value.

The larger knife, the Paraframe 1, is about four inches in the closed position, while the Mini is just a hair over three. They have a full stainless steel construction with a pretty slick tactical black coating. Both the knives boast the distinctive Paraframe skeletonized handle style that keeps the weight down, to 2.6 oz on the Paraframe 1 and 1.3 oz on the Mini.

Blade deployment on the Paraframe 1 is handled via the dual thumb studs. The action is a little stiff, but you’ll start to feel it loosen up as you use the knife. Blade is a 3″clip point with partial serrations, and is held securely in place by a sturdy frame lock.

Handling on this one is pretty comfortable, especially for people with medium sized hands. The shape fills the palm nicely and the chamfering around the edges has removed any potential hotspots. The Paraframe 1 has a pocket clip enabling right side, tip-down carry. The slim profile lets it ride very comfortably, though the draw can get a little hung up due to the size of the thumb studs.

The Paraframe mini is a two-handed opener with the basic fingernail nick. Again we have a clip point blade, this time just a little over 2″, also held in place by a frame lock. Although this model is quite small, handling still feels secure and safe. The Mini also has a right side, tip-up pocket clip, and given the compact design of this knife it’s an ultra discreet carry.

Overall, these are two solidly built utilitarian EDCs, and at this price you don’t have to feel bad about the years of abuse you’ll put them through. To learn more about these knives, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit