Gil Hibben Gentleman's Belts and Knives that are Buckles
Gil Hibben Gentleman’s Belts and Knives that are Buckles
This new United Cutlery offering is really interesting. The belt buckle pulls out of the imitation leather belt to reveal a full size knife! These are really reasonably priced and reasonably decent quality. They have to be purchased separately and so you choose the knife/buckle style -either single edged or double edged, and then the length of belt. We have them at
Here is the advertising material from United Cutlery:

This Gentleman’s Belt Knife in the Gil Hibben Custom knife collection has heads turning. Classic and uniquely designed masculine belt buckle constructed from solid 420 stainless steel and that snugly tucks away and is hidden in the imitation leather belt (sold separately, available in sizes S (UCGHBLTS 27-32), M (UCGHBLTM 33-36), L (UCGHBLTL 37-40), or XL (UCGHBLTXL 41-44). Simply remove from the hidden belt sleeve and you have access to a cutting edge. 3 1/2″ blade. 7″ overall. Made in China.