Harley Davidson Knives
Harley Davidson Knives made by Benchmade
When Harley Davidson decided to have their logo on a series of knives, they went to Benchmade. We are a premium Benchmade dealer and so we have all the Harley knives available. Most are already in stock. We are discounting them and so our prices won’t show up on the site until you add it to a shopping cart. If you try to buy these at a Harley dealer, we can guarantee you will pay full retail.
We have sold Harley Davidson knives for years. They were made by Colt and by United Cutlery in factories from China to Taiwan to Germany and even in the USA. With few exceptions they fell short of the Harley quality we would have liked to have seen. Finally, Harley went to Benchmade who is about the best American knife manufacturer. Benchmade is producing some great models in the Oregon plant and some others in their Taiwan facility so that Harley knives are accessible to all customers. The USA models are mostly large to medium Axis Locking folders which are, sort of, a modern take on the classic Folding Hunters. Instead of a lockback, they use the Axis lock and, instead of the straight bolsters, they have curved. Most have D2 tool steel blades so they are hard working tools- like the Harley bikes!