Ultimate Edge High Quality Kitchen Knife Luggage
High Quality Kitchen Knife Luggage from Ultimate Edge

If you have to travel with your kitchen knives, you know what a hassle this can be. There are many knife rolls and bags on the market, but most are designed for the casual user. The Ultimate Edge has designed a line for the professional and those that want the best. The durability of the materials used, the quality of the bags’ construction, and the thoughtfulness that went into the design make these the finest cutlery bags on the market.

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More information from Ultimate Edge:

The Ultimate Edge is recognized as a premium manufacturer of Chef’s Luggage who’s innovations have inspired others to include many of our designs into their products. We use only the finest materials and craftsmanship making our Chefs Luggage built to last. Our Chefs Luggage is time tested to meet the demands needed in a professional environment.

The Ultimate Edge has been serving the Cutlery industry since 1983.