Ka-Bar Besh Wedge BOGA

Ka-Bar Besh Wedge BOGA
Ka-Bar Besh Wedge BOGA
Ka-Bar Knives does it again- another great new introduction. Not a week goes by, it seems, without us introducing another Beshwedge’d product. This one has a unique twist—get it, they all kind of have a “twisted” edge configuration? What makes the Boga unique is that it is designed as a personal defense tool for women. The name is short for “Back Off-Get Away”. It can be carried on a neck chain, in a purse, or strapped to an arm or leg. You can see them at www.knifecenter.com
Ka Bar has the following information:
The BESH BOGA (Back Off – Get Away) personal self defense knife includes a multifunctional sheath that allows the knife to be at your fingertips immediately.


* Hangs around your neck
* Clips to your pocket or purse
* Straps around your arm or leg
* Stainless steel Ti-Ni coated blade and clip
* Hard plastic sheath
* Velcro arm straps
* 550 cord


* Overall Length: 5-1/2″
* Blade Length: 2-3/16″
* Steel: 3cr13 SS
* HRC: 54-56
* Made in China

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