Limited Edition Rat Cutlery DPx HEST Knife 3-1/8 inch Carbon Steel Blade, Removable Micarta Slabs

*Update- This item is no longer available. We hope to see more of the standard DPx HEST knives soon.

The HEST knife sold so quickly when it first appeared at the Knifecenter that we never had to clear a spot for it on the shelves. Whether it is the RAT name, reasonable price, or due to its lightweight, multi-featured design, it appeals to backpackers, survivalists, weekend warriors, collectors, and scouts. Though the standard HEST is currently out of stock, fortune smiled upon us when the Limited Edition HEST appeared at our door. Only 250 of these serialized knives have been produced, and for a limited time one of these collectibles can be yours. Act now because at only $10 over the cost of the original HEST, these unique Pelton designed knives won’t be here long.