New 2013 Ka-Bar Items are at the KnifeCenter

The Zombie Apocalypse has never been closer in the eyes of Ka-Bar and their 2013 new line of products shows that it’s best to be prepared. They’ve expanded their Zombie Killer collection to include some popular Bob Dozier folding models as well as reintroducing the Famine Tanto model, now made in the USA. 2013 marks Ka-Bar’s 115th year in the knife business and they’re doing a leather handle USMC Commemorative Fighting Knife for the Army, Navy, and Marine Core to celebrate. They’ve also got a couple new Dog’s Head Coppersmith models with Root Beer Jigged Bone handle scales if the traditional knives are more your type than the tactical folders. If you’re on the fence about the tactical versus traditional knife battle, the Big Easy Slipjoint Folder might just be the way to go with it’s tactical design but traditional style Micarta handle scales and non-locking blade. There are also some new designs from Ethan at Becker Knife & Tool to include a MOLLE compatible polyester BK2 sheath, TDI Law Enforcement Master Key, and the BK24 D’Eskabar – a stonewashed D2 tool steel version of the famed Ka-Bar/ESEE collaboration Eskabar. Check out the new Ka-Bar and BK&T designs at

More about Ka-Bar Knives:

We are KA-BAR or more formally, KA-BAR Knives, Inc., a subsidiary of Cutco Corporation. You may know us from our high quality military, hunting, sporting, all-purpose utility, and outdoor survival knives.

We offer more than 100 quality cutlery products and accessories sold through independent retailers, distributors, mail order catalogs and our online knife store.

The KA-BAR name dates back to the early 1900’s from a fur trapper testimonial. He wrote that while trapping, his gun jammed leaving him with only his knife to kill a wounded bear that was attacking him. He thanked us for making the quality knife that helped him to kill a bear, but all that was legible was “K a bar”. Honored by the testimonial, the company adopted the phrase KA-BAR as their trademark.

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Nick Morgan

Nick is our customs specialist at the KnifeCenter and came to us after getting his engineering degree from the University of Maryland. He brings a wealth of talent as the consummate “knife guy” and keeps everyone at the KnifeCenter up to date on all the products. He knows a lot about the knives because he owns at least one of every great knife we sell! After hours he is playing broom ball, frisbee and playing with his dog, Kona.