FOURSEVENS New Generation 2 Flashlights

FOURSEVENS has just released their second generation of select flashlights with 20% brighter LED output! The new CREE XP-G2 LED emitters are among the best in the industry for brightness, longevity, and of course efficiency. This will be the third Preon 2 I’ve owned and the Gen 2 is noticeably brighter than previous models. Best of all, no increase in price with the increase in performance. For the money, FOURSEVENS definitely have some of the best performing illumination tools on the market. Check out the new Gen 2 flashlights at

More from FOURSEVENS about the Gen 2 LEDs:

Want a 20% increase in brightness?

We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of the Cree XP-G Gen2 in most of our models!

We are proud to be the first in the market with this LED. These are indeed exciting times for LEDs. 20% increase in brightness and efficiency for the LED lighting world is a HUGE jump.

Remember the jump XR-E first came out? Also remember the jump when the XP-G’s came out? Yes, this will be a similar jump in technology and yet again puts CREE at the forefront of LED technology.

We aggressively participated in these jumps in the past and happy to be working with the best in the industry and to be the FIRST to put the BEST and the BRIGHTEST into our flashlights.

These Gen2 versions of our lights will be in high demand since we will be the first to offer them so act quickly.