Schatt and Morgan / Queen president's Knife year 2006
Schatt and Morgan / Queen President’s Knife year 2006
Every year the Queen company produces a Schatt and Morgan President’s knife. We try to order them but missed this one a few years back. There were a few left and so we though we would bring them in for our collector customers. These are beautifully done with pearl inlay and the letters “S” and “M” inlaid on each with the opposite color pearl- black in white and white in black. Really gorgeous pieces- that’s why we were positively going to get these in even though we are late with them!
Here is the description from Queen:
These knives are the 6th & 7th editions in a series of the President’s Choice. American pride and craftsmanship are just two reasons why Robert J. Breton made this choice. Each knife is serialized and comes in a beautiful presentation box with a signed letter of authenticity by Robert J. Breton


* 3″ Mini Toothpicks – D2 Blade Steel
* 1 – Black Lip Pearl Mother of Pearl Handle with White Mother of Pearl Inlay
* 1 – White Mother of Pearl Handle with Black Lip Mother of Pearl Inlay
* 1 – White Mother of Pearl Disc with Black Lip Mother of Pearl Inlay Ampersand Sign
* Limited Edition of 400