SOG Fusion Spirit Dagger/Spear Double Edge Blade
SOG Fusion Spirit Dagger/Spear Double Edge Blade
The Spirit is an incredible tool- SOG has come up with this great dagger tool that can be used in a variety of ways. It is inexpensive and should have a good following among enthusiasts and campers.
Here is SOG’s description:
The Spirit looks like a futuristic tribal spear taking off from “Area 51”. Sleek and aerodynamic, it hides a secret. . .unscrew the handle and use a broom handle* to complete the spear! In a survival situation, use a branch to make the spear shaft and tighten it with a nail or the provided setscrew. With the provided handle the Spirit can be thrown or used as a cutting tool. Do you have the spirit?

*The Spirit will fit on most common broom handles.


* Blade Length: 4.25″
* Overall Length: 10.65″
* Weight: 10.0 oz.
* Edge: Straight
* Steel: 420
* Handle: Nylon
* Finish: Black Oxide
* Sheath: Nylon
* Made in China