SOG Muscle Car Lockback
It’s different! SOG knives has come up with a very unusual offering. The Muscle Car lockback. Here is the information from SOG:
What is a theme knife? A distinct, recurring, and unifying quality or idea portrayed in a knife. We believe this is the first of its kind. High performance has always been a major theme at SOG so we are thrilled to introduce the Fusion Muscle Car knife and we hope you will give it the checkered flag. Notice in no specific order: the wheel that turns with the knife as well as a fan belt and pulley array. Exhaust pipe, racing stripes, hood latch thumbstud, spoilers, competition numbers, gear shifter clip, headlights, and license plate engraving are all fun reminders of the muscle car era of past and present. These attributes don’t minimize the heavy-duty lockback construction and razor sharp blade. Use it without any risk of loosing your driver’s license. No gas required.


Blade 3.125″ x .12″
Overall Length 7.25″
Weight 3.3 oz.
Edge Straight
Steel 440 Stainless
Handle Aluminum
Finish Satin
Includes Pocket clip