Spyderco Micro Dyad
Spyderco Knives has released a “Sprint Run” of the Micro Dyad. The Spyderco Dyad is the only knife Spyderco makes with both a PlainEdge and a SpyderEdge blade together in the same knife. Traditional jigged bone handle houses a PlainEdge Clip-point blade and a Spyder- Edge Sheepfoot blade. Blades open and lock independently.
About their “Sprint Runs”:
2005 saw Spyderco arrive at a milestone, topping a hundred different models in our company’s history. Many of our early model knives are no longer manufactured, but that doesn’t stop knife enthusiasts and collectors from asking, “please make them again?” Their requests provide reason and opportunity to produce Sprint Runs. Sprints are limited to 1500 pieces or less. They’re re-released production runs of a revitalized older model, or they create an experimental opportunity for us to use new and innovative materials on popular existing knife designs. Once a Sprint Run sells out it will not be offered again to maintain uniqueness.