Spyderco SpyderFly Rainbow Butterfly Knife

SpyderFly from Spyderco
This rainbow colored butterfly knife from Spyderco is a classic. No longer offered anywhere else, we have some in stock for a limited time.
The SpyderFly has cast steel handles for comfortable handling. Spyderco has equipped it with a reversible spring loaded locking lever that locks the blade closed (but not open)for safe pocket carry. Squeeze the handle together to release the lock. Round holes in the handles let you open and rotate/index confidently while “doing the dance”. The 440C hollow-ground blade is sharpened on one side with a dagger-grind down the center balancing the blade. The wire clip attaches to either handle on either side for a variety of carry options. The SpyderFly is a utilitarian linking of a traditional Balisong with innovative features expected in a Spyderco.
Blade Steel 440C
Blade Thickness 1/8″ 3mm
Clip Heavy-duty wire clip
Diam. Blade Hole NA
Edge Type PlainEdge
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Length Blade 4 1/8″ 105mm
Length Cutting Edge 3 11/16″ 93mm

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